Neanderthal Man

I’m writing this listening to a one-hit wonder. I thought.

Flashback to Kate’s teenage years, on holiday on the east coast of Yorkshire and taken to pub by parents (to drink non-alcoholic shandy I hasten to add).

For some strange reason, the only record anyone wanted to listen to was Neanderthal Man, by Hotlegs (who?). LOUD. VERY LOUD.

And for the benefit of anyone under 40 reading this (I doubt it) – pubs used to have machines with old vinyl records in. You put some money in, eg one shilling, two shillings, 5p, 10p, depending on the year, and got 1,2,4, or 5 plays. Bit of a cheek really – pubs charged you for beer and then charged you to listen to music. Although if you were lucky you got to listen to music of your own choice.

Back to the story. In this particular pub, after a few token gestures at other music, I don’t know, say T. Rex or whatever else was around, on came Neanderthal Man. Not once, or twice, but on permanent repeat. Every single time we went. The effect was that of a total brainwash. Even my parents, haters of all things pop, eventually decided they liked it, they even put money into the juke-box and played it. And then – they went out and bought it for me.

Fast forward a few years. Well, more than 20. Make that more than 30.

I still play it now. It’s the same vinyl single. Dance to it and sing to it happily. Until today. I looked it up on YouTube.

and a good reproduction of the song. It’s 10cc before they were 10cc. I hate 10cc. I have always hated 10cc.

I have read this again and I haven’t got this loud enough. I really dislike 10cc – almost as much as Elton John – in fact, I always have done, and I still do. Tuneless slop IMHO.

And I have spent more than 20 years telling Unmusical Partner (who likes 10cc) what a crap band they are and always have been.

I don’t really know what else to say. Apart from Hotlegs is not 10cc?

5 comments on “Neanderthal Man

  1. Can`t remember if Hotlegs were just Godley and Creme….then in came The fabulous Eric Stewart and the Hollies Graham Gouldman Why are most people with the name Gouldman talented……cos they`re Jewish of course!! What a nice sunny Blog. How are you both?It`s cold here with a bitter North wind but…We may see 12deg at the weekend..Yippee!! Do they have a name for the West wind in Spain? As you know in France they have The Mistral which can be a horrible little thing. The dust can scratch your Ray Bans. The track Copperhead Road itself must have one of the best SOUNDS around……Fantastic space around the mandolins and then the crashing guitar and drum/bass..yeah. I had forgotten about The Hotlegs single….nice catchy thump wasn`t it? Bob Dylan never wrote the lyrics to that one eh? Take care of each other Alex


  2. Hi AlexThanks for the comment, and for reading the blog, and sorry I didn’t realise it was you!The wind from the west here is a poniente. I don’t have Ray Bans. Well, only the ones I picked up on the beach road that aren’t too good these days.Don’t like Bob Dylan very much either. Eh – who do I like?


  3. Wow hat a flash back to to the past this tune is. I had completely forgotten about it. Back in the days of Hotlegs I was never a fan, but listening to this tune again today I can in all honesty that it moved my bare toes.

    Your memories of the pub and its jukebox also take me back to the days when my parents owned a local neighborhood pub. After hours would find ,me there plugging it with the fake cons “slugs” that my parents would pass out to favorite patrons for them to feed the pig.

    On vinyl singles, I have a small case that houses all my singles, I think my oldest single is a 1962 Duanne Eddy tune which showcases my love of guitar music even then. Gotta love these old tunes that take us back. This is so fun. See you back at BB in a moment


    by the by.. so not an Elton John fan either. I cannot stand the sight of him,


    • I like repetitive music with a neanderthal basic beat. Plus, I love the bit where they sing, neanderthaaaaaaaal man in a different key/tone. And the bit that goes neeeeeeee – annnnnn- derthal man. sorry, can’t explain it better.

      I think it’s a clever bit of music.

      My toes are also bare, but that’s irrelevant as they are always either booted or bare.

      I used to get people giving me 10pence coins to put on music at our local pub, I think you could get four or five for that. No idea if juke boxes still exist anywhere. Half of my singles came from there with the hole cut out of the middle so I had to sellatape them back to be able to play them on my record player.

      When I saw the Guitar Man, I thought it was going to be that Bread song. I didn’t like Bread but like some of the other music we were discussing, I can listen to them now.

      I’m still not an EJ fan however. I liked crocodile rock and pinball wizard, but that’s it.


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