What are dogs like?

Every morning ours comes in to wake us up for his early morning walk. Usually between 6.30 and 7am. Sometimes a little earlier, rarely later.

If The Early Morning Dog Walker (ie him not me – this is Men’s Work) is feeling idle he tells Pipps to go away and come back in ten minutes.

Pipps trudges out, sighs, and flops loudly on the kitchen floor – where he can see the clock on the wall.

He waits the prescribed 10 minutes (obviously, watching the clock), and then comes in. Occasionally it’s nine minutes.

There is no peace after that. He either runs in and out loudly, swinging his large tail around wildly and creating a nasty cold draught, or he sits at the side of the bed, battering The Early Morning Dog Walker with his huge feet.

Then there are a few loud stretches, a few HRRRMMMPHs, and some more running in and out. He is a loud dog in the morning, and we haven’t even got on to breakfast time yet.

Anyway, I thought I’d have one over on the little monkey last night, so I didn’t put the kitchen clock forward. I calculated that if I put it forward and he saw the clock, and came in at his usual 6.30am, that would be like 5.30am, which is a little too early for a Sunday. So I left it, thinking we wouldn’t get a real lie-in, but we wouldn’t be woken up at silly hours either.

Oh no. Pipps wasn’t having a bar of that. He came in at quarter to six, ie real time quarter to seven. His normal time. He might as well have said, “Come on, I know the clocks have gone forward – who do you think you are kidding?”

I thought it was bad enough having a dog that could tell the time. But one who knows when the clocks go forward?

Edit – Pippa now has his own blog – so if you want to read any more about him please have a look.

2 comments on “Dogs

  1. Hi,

    Would you know of anywhere I can walk my 2 Labradors in gibraltar or if needed just over the border. I am looking to relocate and just want to ensure my 2 girls would be ok

    Many thanks



    • Hi Kerry

      Not sure what you mean by walk. On the lead, and picking up after them, pretty much most places. Very few places are no dogs, and even then people still take them.

      If you mean off the lead, then it’s more difficult, there has been talk of a dog park but not seen any progress yet, although it’s much needed. Some people take their dogs up to Rosia Bay and let them off the lead on the small beach there. Eastern Beach is a good run although I think it is technically no dogs. There are other places (I’ve just taken mine for an off the lead session) but I’m not writing up where it is on the internet!

      There are lots and lots of dogs in Gib, people manage well in flats. Our big dog goes out early morning and in the evening, but little puppy goes out every couple of hours.

      If you want a long run, I suspect La Linea, either on the beach or in the back woods would be a good option, but I don’t go there. When I visit our Spanish finca, I let little one off down the arroyo.

      Good luck with your relocation and if you have any more queries please ask.


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