Another day on the bus

Why is it that travelling seems to get harder as you get older?

Or is it that when you get older you need to cram a lot more into a shorter space of time?

And maybe going from A to B and back to A again isn’t really travel. Just another business trip.

So yesterday I spent slightly more than 14 hours out of the house. Of which eight hours were on the bus. And it seemed like a long day.

Just under four hours were spent at my destination. That leaves around two hours hanging around for buses. That is probably about right.

I could have sliced around half an hour off and caught a later bus from home. The last time I did that, the bus hit unbelievable delays in Malaga and I arrived at the bus station with barely enough time to buy the ticket and get on the bus. (Which then left 15 minutes late….)

These days I would rather arrive with plenty of time and sit around in the bus station with a coffee and do the Sudoku. Or have a coffee and do nothing.

When I travelled years ago I had my timing down to a fine art. Rushed across stations and cities with minutes to spare and always caught the connection. But is it me or has traffic of all types grown so much that you can never rely on getting anywhere on time?

I still like travelling though. And I’m still a back seat kid. Nothing better than grabbing the back seat and stretching out on a long journey. Mmmmmmm.

And I had a good day out in Gibraltar. Roll on the next trip.


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