The usual supermarket car park chat – about Land Rovers

“Hello, you speak English?”

“Yes, of course,” said Helpful Partner. “What do you want from me?” Somebody always wants something here.

“I would like to buy one of these,” he said, (referring to the vehicle). “This type of Land Rover.”

“Well, you can, it will cost you around 8,000€.”

And the woman said, “We can’t afford that.”

So Unhelpful Partner said that was the price they would have to pay for one that was not falling to bits.

“I only want it for in the fields,” the guy added.

“Well, I know where you can get one for 2,000€, no papers, and looks rough, but hey, if that’s what you want. You will need to spend at least six months working on it if you ever want to come shopping in it.”

Then there was a long discussion about the garage where we bought the vehicle. How good were they, was there any after service, what about the language problems…..

The woman then said that she didn’t mind paying if she got something decent. They lived up a dirt track and the Ford Littlecar (partner didn’t remember the model as he switched off due it not being a Land Rover) couldn’t cope in the mud.

It was also British registered. “You won’t be wanting to use it here then when your tax and insurance run out,” said Unhelpful Partner. “Although we know lots of people who do.”

No, she admitted, running an illegal motor wasn’t top of her list. Especially one that couldn’t cope in the mud.

I wonder if Unhelpful Partner will get a beer from Roberto if they buy a 4×4 from him? I doubt it somehow.


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