Limited life

No not UHT milk or anything as obvious as that. TVs.

They are regularly found chucked out at the communal rubbish bins around here.

One of ours started to go a bit iffy last year. Blurred. Didn’t like starting. Kept dying on me. But I persevered – there were just so many Spanish soaps to keep up with. It was about seven years old.

It had to go in the end though. So we promoted the small portable to sitting room status. We’ve hardly used it over here although Buffy Addicted Partner used it regularly on Thursday(?) nights back in the UK.

Now that’s had it as well. I turned it on last night to watch the Spanish soap Arrayan and it fizzled and spat at me with blue lights shooting from out the back. A bit like a Roman Candle in March from your television.

It went out this morning and now I am Arrayan-less. Damn.

Personally I think it is all an international conspiracy to make everyone buy new digital TVs. Or it could be the dust and the damp.


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