Axles and diffs…Ejes y diffs

I have no idea what sort of axles and diffs I have on my Land Rover Santana 3.5 diesel 6 cylinder Station Wagon (DL Super).

No tengo la menor idea que tipo de ejes y diffs mi Santana teine.

They are not like any axles on any of the Land Rovers I have owned. They are not Rover, and they are not Salisbury. Could they be ENV? Both front and rear axles are very big and strong.

En mis Land Rovers que he tenido antes (LR Series ii, LR Series III, ambos 109 pulgados), no hay algo similar. Los de mi Santana no son de Rover, ni de Salisbury tanpoco. ¿Se pueden ser ENV? Pero, son muy grande y muy fuerte.

Can anyone shed any light on them for me?

¿Hay alguien que puede ayudarme distinguir que tipos de ejes y diffs teine mi coche?

Front axle……..Eje delantero

Front axle……..Eje delantero

Front axle……..Eje delantero

Front axle number……..Número de eje delantero

Rear axle……..eje trasero

Rear axle……..Eje trasero

Rear axle……..Eje trasero

Rear axle number……..Número de eje trasero

If you have any idea please comment below (anonymous usually works ok). Thanks.

Sí sabes algo, pon un mensaje abajo (normalmente anónimo funciona bien). Gracias.

Adrian, Catalina

2 comments on “Axles and diffs…Ejes y diffs

  1. Hi Kate & Adrian, Way, way, back when I first came across Pippa’s blog, I recall visiting yours but for some reason didn’t tag it & getting so caught up in Dog Blogs completely forgot you had one til, Pippa said about axles & linked! Hence, why never hearing from me here.That will change, even if axles/ mechanicy sort of things aren’t really my forte, as my post about flat battery last week will have suggested…Glad the quartz crystal worked.Best wishes to you bothBlue


  2. Gosh, I think either you or Pippa need a chatter box!Yes, the Uffington White Horse is the one on the Ridgeway. It’s closish to Waylands Smithy!Hot news, re me rehoming on blog!He’s a sPRINGER sPANIAL photo’s there. Nothings agreed yet, seeing him on Sat.Best Wishes Blue


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