We missed the local village fair this year. It happens around the end of June.

Sometimes it coincides with our birthdays, this year it didn’t – fortunately, and we cleared off to Gib for the weekend of the feria to avoid the noise.

Spanish fairs are quite a novelty to start with. But after a few nights with music (always the sort you don’t like) blaring out until 3 or 4am, the attraction soon fades.

And to be honest – there is nothing to do. I used to like fairs when I was a kid, I would happily wander round and go on the rides with my dad while my mum stood there with a long-suffering face. (There were usually quite a few nice lads hanging around too…)

Regarding fairs, I married someone like my mum. So going to the fair is not the prime choice for an evening out for this couple. Maybe I’ve also realised that cocks and horses aren’t really for 40-somethings without a child in tow.

As for the Málaga feria, we have only ever been to the daytime one. Nothing seemed to happen there either. And being early-to-bed and early-to-rise types we have never been to the mega night-time event. But here are pix from the bus window of the night-time fairground, the closest either of us has got. It is meant to be spectacular. Who knows?

Málaga feria is in August and is pretty big. It has finished now. But why lots of people congregate to do nothing much in the middle of the night is beyond me.

Sadly it’s also feria in Gib at the moment. The music is not as loud as it is in our village so it doesn’t stop you sleeping. So I’ve no idea how long it goes on for every night.

To all those of you who like ferias – great – and enjoy them while you can. Either I’m far too old now, or I’ve spent too many years living with someone who doesn’t like them.


6 comments on “Feria

  1. What were once such great childish treats do seem to dull with middle age… but I do still like to ride the dobby horses.. who needs horrible kids to enjoy this simple pleasure!UK fair season, kicks of in Dreamingspires next week with St Giles Fair…lots &lots of loud noises, but I’m far away. The rides here are SCARY,SCARY stomach churning affairs… gone are the ghost rides, even the dodgems aren’t the same!Candy floss & toffee apples are though…Will have to do a post!Best wishesBluex


  2. Fairs? Lots of noise, lights and crowds. What seemed like heaven as a kid is now the world’s worst torture.Escape to Gib. Or if, stuck, pop Pippa in the landy and drive up to visit us.Kerrio


  3. I love fairs. I like the sights, sounds, smells, everything about them. You can’t beat Hull Fair though. Hull Fair is the best! :)


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