A result

Well a few results actually.

Appreciative partner thought the new purchases from La Senza were so good he packed me off the next day in search of knickers. He seems to think the raggy holey ones I currently wear are a little tired.

Anyway I couldn’t find any that I liked so I bought some casual nightwear instead. I think I’m a bit past the age of being a sex bombshell in a silk/satin lace concoction and apart from anything else I don’t think they are conducive to sleep, ie they are not comfortable.

Now this cute little outfit I bought is very comfortable. It’s all cotton so you don’t end up slithering on the sheets. Of course sleeping on the floor (still) I don’t have to worry about falling out of bed.

Anyway buoyed with the success of my lingerie purchases I set off back to Spain. And when I arrived the first thing I decided to do was have another go at the wretched gas bottle.

IT WORKED!! Was I pleased. I hate not being able to cook, and I’m no longer a fan of eating out. I was obviously stressed the other weekend because I’d totally forgotten I had an electric kettle stashed away that I could have used for the manzanilla tea.

Not so good in the chicken shed mind. I still forgot to turn the top of the drinker round before I picked it up so water spewed all over again. But at least I had the welllies on. There were no eggs either. I think the chickens are sulking.

On Sunday morning I chatted to Adelina next door. José had gone for a paseo with his mates. Apparently it lowers his blood sugar level. I think he just likes to escape out of the house. I wrote about them here before – I think they are so cool at their age doing a daily walk of two or three miles.

Adelina asked me if I preferred Spain to Gibraltar. The truth is I don’t prefer one or the other. I like them both. I thought that was too complicated though, so told her I liked the money that Partner earned in Gibraltar. I knew she would understand that because most of the Spaniards we have met are pretty (money) hungry.

I wrote about the weather a few posts ago saying September marked a change in the weather when the rains start. Whereupon it has been roasting ever since. Warm in Gib and hot (30+degrees) in Spain.

So here are some warm Gibpix. Although it has rained and stormed in the past couple of days. And the sun has shone too.

12 comments on “A result

  1. Hi Kate,I hate satin stuff too.I get all tangled up and they slip and slide.Hubby is not happy with my flannel pjs but I will be comfortable even if it kills me!Great pictures,almost reminds me of where I lived.I need to post some of home because its so differant from people perception of IndiaWould love for you to guest blog,I have not heard of that range of toiletries.Send me your email i.d to frasypoo@hotmail.com and I will add you on


    • It’s quite funny you working your way through the old posts as I’ve totally forgotten all of these. I wrote very differently, or I wrote about very different topics back then. These days I write about buying trousers not knickers, although I probably do need some more knickers …. seeing as that was seven years ago! I am one very low maintenance woman!


      • I’m not buying you any, low maintenance or not…you’ll have to buy them yourself when I send you your money :P

        I hope you don’t mind me going through your post…I’ve finished year 1, but I may give you a break so I am read other stuff. ;)


        • No, it’s quite strange though. Having said that, I’ve often done it too. Gives you a much better feel for someone and is interesting too.

          Someone who follows three of my blogs started at the beginning of my dog blog and worked her way through :D Another one decided to do the same when I don’t post often enough on Pippa’s.


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