Royal Gun Salute – Gibraltar – 6 Feb 2008

I wouldn’t have known but today is the 56th anniversary of the accession to the throne of Queen Elizabeth II.

The reason I found out was because I invariably get my hands on an excellent monthly Calendar of Events published by the Gibraltar Tourist Board.

At noon, there was going to be a 21-gun salute fired from the Naval Base. To be accurate, according to the Gib media, Her Majesty’s Naval Base. How cool to have your own naval base. I would like that.

Anyway, I duly got myself a pass and wandered down to Liz’s naval base. The naval base has some interesting industrial architecture and I so wanted to take some pix.

I decided it wasn’t the best idea. I didn’t fancy being carted off by the police and saying good-bye to my short-lived Gib residency. I did ask if I would be able to take pix of the guns. The police officer looked horrified.

When I got to the gun area, there was a guy with a HUGE Nikon. He hadn’t asked anyone if he could take pix. Apart from asking his mate who he had come with. Who was busy inside networking and just happened to be one of the invited guests who got a front-row seat.

I decided to collar one of the nice men in uniform. They looked surprised I was even asking. “Of course,” said one of them. And then I was dismissed.

I really need a proper video camera. I caught a tiny bit on the digicam – and the batteries promptly started flashing.

So here are my pix.

From left to right, guns 4, 3, 2 and 1. Guns 2, 3, and 4 each fired five rounds. Gun one fired 6 rounds.

The salute was fired by the Headquarter Company (Thomson’s Battery) of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment and the Inspecting Officer for the salute was the Mayor of Gibraltar, the Hon Clive Beltran.

The Royal Gibraltar Regiment marches on to take up position

Waiting for the inspection

The inspection by the Hon Clive Beltran

Ready to load

Gun 4 waiting orders

Firing gun 4

Gun 4

Guns 2 and 1

The Royal Gibraltar Regiment marches off

One remaining soldier waits to be relieved

The same soldier, standing in front of number 2 gun, complete with debris

A few pix from this evening.

The Tower where we stood to view the salute. I took this from across the water (obviously not in the dockyard any more – I had to hand in my pass) at the marina.

The Tower building in the Naval Base

To get a decent shot I had to stand on the wall of a flower bed, and then noticed this beautiful hibiscus.


Finally, a capstan winch and succulent garden bed which had just been tidied up today with new mulch. It was en route to the marina and I thought it was an interesting finish to today’s heritage post.

The inscription says that the capstan winch was salvaged from HM Naval Dockyard by members of the Ship’s Company of the Royal Naval Reserve Unit, HMS Calpe. It commemorates the units’ existence in Gib from 1965-1993.

Capstan winch and garden

11 comments on “Royal Gun Salute – Gibraltar – 6 Feb 2008

  1. Kate – that was a very informative post. I especially liked the last photo though, and of course the hibiscus, I love all these kind of flowers.The 21 gun salute looked very impressive…..but I wondered what the funny little table was all about in the foreground of some of the pictures!I would not have know yesterday was the 56th anniversary, there was nothing in the press here as far as I am aware. Thank you for posting about this.Jeannie in still Sunny Scotland, Yay!It looked kinda out of place in such a military setting! ;0D


  2. not sure why my comment looks so disjointed there, “It looked kinda out of place in such a military setting! ;0D” was supposed to be after my question about the funny little table….


  3. The funny little table had a book on top which the mayor signed, and he then marched off with that whatever it was underneath – looks like a metal vase or something. Perhaps I should add a photo to show him marching off with it. I don’t know what the significance of it was.I think I’d worked out you meant the table!


  4. the spinning pillow reference has me stumped? Explanation please?My take on it…..the spinning bed, the endlessly spinning bed, be still my spinning head…..Not sure if I am on the right track here.I CAN drink a lot of wine, it just makes me sleepy but too much Vodka and Gin, well I have learned my lesson a long while ago. Very serious lesson, almost hospitalised, not proud of it at all.Perhaps that is the meaning of the Spinning Pillow effect… please put me out of my questioning misery? O;DJ x ooooh I did not realise word verification was on, you don’t when you are an author, have taken it off now, it is so darn irritating.;0) J x


    • They wheel them out specially for the salutes. Queen’s b’day, Prince Philip’s and Coronation Day. Amazing. Wander down to tourist office, ask for pass and off you go. Haven’t been for ages. Might try and catch one this year. Btw, do you know the piccies blow up? Have I said this before? It’s because these are the imported posts from blogger, and there was no way I was resizing a load of photos.


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