Sunday stroll

I thought a Sunday evening stroll was called for.

The two nearest and nicest walks are either up to the Botanical Gardens, or down to the waterfront.

I thought it was a waterfront day. So down through Ragged Staff gates and over to Queensway marina.

On the one side I can see all the big commercial ships that come in for repair work and refits, and on the other is the plush marina.

Here are a few marina shots.

The marina, looking back towards the Rock

The Anna Christina, (also in the previous shot)

The £2m+ semis – with their own private mooring included though

And on the way home, a few flowers.


Succulent garden




6 comments on “Sunday stroll

  1. Thank you for your comment, it meant a lot to me. It’s been very hard dealing with all the baby stuff and even harder tyring to keep it all in. What you wrote did make me feel better. THANKS!!!!! Karen


  2. I’ve tried many times to take some good pics of flowers, but they never turn out like yours! I need photography lessons.I can’t wait to take evening strolls here…it’s too dark when I get home & too cold anyway!Jen


  3. I feel we were so near to all this beautiful stuff, but we did not manage in our short stay in Frigiliana to get to all these good places.Lovely pics, the flower pics, make me realise how far ahead Spain is to us, we are just getting some daffodils poking their yellow heads out.J x


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