Evening walk – and parrot talk

A good Sunday evening.

Out of the city walls through Prince Edward’s Gate and heading off towards the Alameda Gardens.

The gate dates from 1790, and notice the sentry box on the left-hand side of the gate.

Not got very far before stopped by some Spanish-speaking guy in a car wanting to know how to get to the top of the Rock.

Well, it isn’t too difficult, but he happened to be heading the wrong way to the route I would have chosen. Helpfully redirected him to retrace his steps in impeccable Spanish. P’ya. (phonetically) Actually should be “pa alla.” – I think. “A la izquierda.”

Then typically he twirled round in the middle of the road to clear off back up the Rock to find the easy route. Hope he enjoyed it.

Off to the Alameda Gardens.

Although it was warm, there was a breeze and lots of shade. Here is the pond with some huge fish and a tiny turtle (on the rock just above the ©).

And a longer shot of the pond with lots of green.

Next up, a bromeliad, unless anyone can tell me any different.

Highlight of the trip, a parrot – loro – who was happily perched on sign and chattering away to me.

And what beautiful red feathers in his tail.

Onwards and upwards and a misty view of Morocco in the distance.

Back home and papas (patatas) bravas for tea. This is a typical Spanish tapa although made differently in different regions and catering for local taste.

Chop potatoes into cubes and shallow fry in olive oil with some salt.

In separate pan, fry garlic, chillies, dried chilli powder/pimiento/paprika, and/or any other spices of choice, say half a chopped onion, and when the onion is soft, put in around half a tin of chopped tomatoes. I use organic.

When the two are ready, combine.

Serve with picante (hot and spicy) olives and a bread of choice. Today’s was ciabatta.

Washed down with an Italian Chardonnay if anyone is interested.

A good end to a nice evening.

ETA: More of the same trip on Clouds tomorrow.

7 comments on “Evening walk – and parrot talk

  1. Yes, a bromeliad — we have several that have been blooming for a month or so.For more about parrots, check out Booker’s latest…The patata recipe sounds delicioso!!! We (they) shall try it.J + JH + J


  2. I closed it because I recently broke up with Nathan, and his family sometimes checks in. I really don’t want them reading my deepest thoughts, so I locked it. Send me your email to kateribrown@yahoo.com, and I’ll add you to my list of approved readers!


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