Gibraltar National Day 2008

Today is National Day so we duly got rigged out in red and white, or red and off white to be more accurate, and set off to John Mackintosh Square.

The venue has been changed this year from Casemates to John Mack which apparently has been quite controversial. The political speeches have also gone from the day too which seems to me to be no bad thing.

Anyways, John Mack Square was a pretty good venue, in my opinion, surrounded by the civic buildings. There was a great atmosphere. The current mayor, Solomon Levy, read out the Medallion of Honour Awards and the National Day Declaration. Then the red and white balloons were released and the Gibraltar Anthem was played.

After that, Radio Gibraltar broadcast live from the square playing music for the street party. And my camera batteries died, so no pix of balloons or partying people.

Maybe more later of fireworks or party-on.

Oh, and loved the No to Joint Sovereignty banner.

Fireworks. What is it with the camera settings? These were taken on Auto. I switched to Night and they were crap. New Year’s Eve I even tried firework setting and that was the worst yet.

May write a comment on Clouds later about nationalism

2 comments on “Gibraltar National Day 2008

  1. oh nice pics! Lovely!Super.Personally, I want Gib to stay ours.Wish I had visited Gib when I was in Spain, but it was too hot and too far away at the time.Seriously, your pics were very good and atmospheric.An Interested But Tired Blogger.


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