Just a quick note to say that I have been in Spain for the past however long.

But sadly when we arrived the router was not working.

Some of our neighbours told us there had been a lot of electricity surges and power cuts recently – often happens in severe rain.

It’s probably equally likely though that the router was programmed to self-destruct shortly after the warranty finished.

Or as the guy from Telefonica said on the ‘phone: “You expired last month madam.”

Anyway despite his promises that I would receive a new one the following week, I didn’t.

Three ‘phone calls later, still no result, so headed back to Gib. Where all appears well. And I can indulge in catching up.

Oh, and at the local library where I called on the days I was in town, two out of three computers had an avería – broken down. And of course there was always someone on, and I was too busy to sit around waiting for them to finish faffing around.

So more posts later about my exciting holiday……….


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