Accident at Ragged Staff roundabout, Queensway

Approaching Ragged Staff about half an hour ago, a Rescue Unit went past us.

As we went through the gates a police van was at the roundabout.

Another accident? Yes. A car rolled on its side. A police officer was taking details from a couple standing outside a car in front of the overturned vehicle.

No sign of an ambulance. The accident hadn’t long happened as one of the police vans was still reversing into place to stop the traffic going northwards.

Firstly, hope everyone is all right.

Secondly, Queensway is – in my opinion – one of the worst roads in Gib for drivers speeding.

Last May I wrote about a death on the same road only a couple of hundred yards away from tonight’s accident.

I frequently see drivers speeding through red traffic lights at the pedestrian crossings. When I say frequently I mean at least once a week. Or at the very least accelerating on amber to make sure they don’t have to slow down to let irritating pedestrians across.

As readers of Clouds may remember, it is the one road where I am guaranteed to get soaked if it is raining because drivers insist on going so fast through huge puddles.

The problem is, it is one of Gib’s wider roads, and for the most part between Ragged Staff and Regal House, it is relatively straight.

Anyway Gib gov, you are doing a great job with the south end of Main Street, and I very much like the raised zebra crossing opposite the tax office where Line Wall Road meets Main Street at Referendum Gates. This seems to be working well and more drivers are slowing down for the crossing than previously when there was no ramp.

So, I think the next plan should be to introduce some speed ramps on Queensway. Because clearly traffic lights don’t deter anyone and neither do roundabouts.

The speed limit in Gibraltar is 50kph (31mph) unless otherwise indicated. I haven’t noticed any signs down Queensway that say 40 or 50mph is legal but I have seen plenty of cars going at that speed.

Gib is a small place. The roads are not a race track.


2 comments on “Accident at Ragged Staff roundabout, Queensway

  1. Always horrible to either witness accidents, or be on the tail end, with the rescue unit etc.There are far too many around here as well.I once heard about a woman who was always brought to tears when the sirens were going full pelt on an ambulance and the all traffic slowed down and let it pass.The kindness of human nature I guess.I remember well your post last May.J x


  2. While living in Nigeria years ago, I marveled at all the passengers that hitched rides atop large lorries. (They still do.) Only witnessed one accident near our home. It was several hours before the two or three bodies were taken away. Doubt if driver/company liability rules apply there. Free or cheap travel and profit appear to be more important than personal safety in many parts of the world.On the other hand I observed an interesting safety/warning practice there. To warn approaching motorists to use caution ahead, the people would cut limbs from nearby trees and lay them across each other in several piles in the roadway leading up to the accident site. At least they were concerned with the safety of others. Or was this an action brought on by the reality of what happened and maybe we might be hit by oncoming vehicles. An afterthought perhaps?James ∆≈/∆±


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