Bolognaise sauce (vegetarian)

Fancying something slightly different the other night, I decided on bolognaise sauce.

As it’s so long since I have done one, I had a quick internet search. I’ve got some vegetarian ‘mince’ which is perfectly tasty and has the added advantage that you don’t need much of it, so I can get a zillion meals out of one bag.

My ingredients

extra virgin olive oil
onion – fresh ie green, or dried ie with brown skins
veggie mince
veggie stock (Vecon)
glass wine (I used white)
tomato puree/pureed tinned toms

It seems the classic recipe is to start with a sofrito, and then add cooked mince, stock, tomato puree and glass of wine. Herbs and seasoning if required.

The sofrito can be onion plus – as required – carrot and/or celery.

Didn’t have carrot, but I did have some navos (white turnips) and I had the celery. Sofrito duly made, frozen veggie mince was then added, plus the stock and glass of wine.

I don’t have tomato puree in stock these days as I don’t really use it much, but I usually have a tin of tomatoes so promptly opened one of those and whizzed up a small quantity and added it to the salsa.

And then let it all simmer. Apparently the idea is to have it like a ragout.

The only mistake – not making enough because it went down very well and there was only a spoonful left for my brunch the next day.

We had it with spaghetti, the other good options are linguine or tagaliatelle. Which reminds me, I really need to buy some more pasta next time I go shopping and then I can make it again.


10 comments on “Bolognaise sauce (vegetarian)

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  2. mmmmmm! You promised this recipe, and it is very intriquing. White turnips, I would never have thought of using them in a bol. sauce, but sound very tasty addition.I lurve pasta! Can never understand why peeps buy those horrid jars of pasta sauce when this is so easy!I do not keep tomato puree in, funny enough though I bought some today.Instead I use Heinz Tomato ketchup, said ketchup has to accompany every meal which Son No. 2 eats, so we always have it in.It makes a good alternative to puree, but I am not sure if it is suitable for vegan or veggie though.Although some may think it unauthentic and perhaps a wee bit too sweet. All down to individual taste I guess. I have stayed on here to listen the the music too!Letty ;0))))))))))))))) Who has been making curry.


  3. Hi LettyThe white turnips needed using up and I figured they would do in the absence of carrots.It’s a Le Creuset saucepan. Belonged to my mother. They last. I have a few. I can also recommend Aga/Rayburn cast iron pans.Kate


  4. yes, I like Le Creuset, I have one large casserole in the orange and it is as old as my marriage, which is pretty ancient.And I must use it every week at least three times, lovely for making my SOUP!dO YOU STILL (sorry caps lock on) not shouting, do you still have the pea soup recipe?Letty With A Cooking Curl


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