Off to Rosia

Bank Holiday (last Monday 12 Jan) was a beautiful day here in Gib so a walk was in order.

The good thing about Gib is that you can set off in any direction and make a walk as long or as short as you feel like.

Anyway, I set off in the direction of Rosia, possibly to go towards Europa Point, and back down past the old naval hospital.

Wandered along past Jumpers (link on Pippa’s blog here), and then off towards Rosia.

I’d not been for a while and was horrified at some of the new build that is going up. Imagine having a HUGE building like that right in front of your home. I’m guessing the developers are waiting for the owners of these properties at the far end (on the right with the bay windows) to sell up and then they can whack up another monstrosity.

and more of the same..

and more..

Here is a nice distraction, a ship in the Cammell Laird dry dock.

The police headquarters at New Mole – how long before they get knocked down?

And on the other side of the road – yes, more new flats.

And just down the road …yet more….

I have no problem with construction work – hey, my partner works in construction, why would I? But I do have a problem with insensitive – and quite frankly ugly – buildings being thrown up without any respect for the existing environment.

Gibraltar’s heritage and history is unique. Large ugly buildings are not.

Next up – the 100 ton gun.


4 comments on “Off to Rosia

  1. Dear Lord, they are not only ugly but far too big for such a small place!Where on earth are they going to find enough people willing to buy them at the moment with the credit crunch and all?We noticed a great deal of development when we visited in 2007, Spain, that is.Here is no better. Still envy your weather though!


  2. During our brief to Gib several years ago, we were struck with the ‘historical’ atmosphere and throughly enjoyed it. It’s a shame that new construction is not required to follow the ‘look’ of the surroundings. Santa Fe, NM requires new construction in heritage areas to follow similar architectural designs.And we don’t remember where there was room to build unless they are tearing down to build up. But it happens almost every where.Thanks for the walk.James ∆≈


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