Spring rolls and dipping sauce

In case anyone is flagging accompanying me on my walk to Europa Point, I thought I would put up a quick food post.

I am not a fan of packaged food. At all.

I make all our soups, sauces, and casseroles – the only occasional lapse is when I buy some vegetarian escalopes or steaks from the supermarket. We all run out of inspiration at times, and they are handy to pull out of the freezer.

But I must confess I do like the spring rolls at Marks and Spencer. They are excellent. They are not cheap – £2.99 for six tiny rolls – ie 50p each. In fact I was feeling so mean the other day that I only cooked three and split them in half to serve as a starter.

I was very pleased with myself at this economic measure – especially as it meant I could have the remaining three all to myself for lunch the following day.

Spring rolls need a good dipping sauce. So into the pot went:

extra virgin olive oil
soya sauce – tamari
ginger (fresh)
parsley (from the finca)
some fresh green onion
wine vinegar
chilli sauce – I would have preferred fresh chillies but had used them all.

I made enough dipping sauce for the following day. Until someone decided to mop it up with his bread. Oh well, at least it was enjoyed.

spring rolls - and dipping sauce


2 comments on “Spring rolls and dipping sauce

  1. ooooh lovely jubbley!May I put this recipe on the new cookery blog with all credit to you?I always like your plates too!Just let me know when you get time off from your cold and the cooking!;0)))))))) nearly signed off as the wrong personage then “sigh” I have so many it seems!!!!!Jx


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