Ocean Village and the Royal Marines

Instead of the usual wander to Rosia and Europa I headed off in the opposition direction to Marina Bay. More commonly called Ocean Village these days with the new investment and development that has sprung up since the original marina was developed.

And it has to be said, since Partner had forgotten to buy bread/there was no bread (choose whichever you think appropriate) in Morrison’s, this was also a helpful factor in deciding on the route which co-incidentally went via Morries.

Here are some photos of Ocean Village.

Entrance to the marina

Down the walkway


New casino

One of the (many) new wooden bar/restaurants

And this weekend, the Royal Marines will be visiting Gibraltar to unveil a monument at Ocean Village dedicated to their role in Gibraltar’s history.

The Royal Marines’ involvement with Gibraltar dates back to 1704 when the English took Gibraltar from the Spanish. (NB to whoever is in charge of the Royal Marines website, I think you should do a history check – the Treaty of Union was 1707, some three years after the storming of Gibraltar, so the reference to the British taking Gibraltar is inaccurate).

The Capture of Gibraltar on 24 July 1704 is one of the Corps’ Memorable Dates, as is the Battle of Trafalgar on 21 October 1805.

Although the RM do not carry individual battle honours, their badge does carry the word ‘Gibraltar’ referring to their role in the first Spanish siege of the Rock, which was also in 1704, shortly after the Spanish had been defeated.

So it is hardly surprising that Gibraltar feels a special affinity for the role of the RM in the Rock’s history and in 1996 they were granted the freedom of Gibraltar.

The new monument will be unveiled and dedicated on Saturday morning, followed by a parade in Casemates Square, inspected by the Commandant General Royal Marines, Major General Garry Robison, and the parade will then march up Main Street ending at the Convent.

Sources: Gibfocus, MOD, The Royal Marines, and Wiki.

6 comments on “Ocean Village and the Royal Marines

  1. HiGreat post… (and Blog!)Funnily enough… I'm intending to write a post on the Royal Marines impending exercising of their "Freedom of the City of Gibraltar" this coming Saturday! I'm ex Royal Navy myself… but came very close to joining the Marines when I left Gibraltar in '68.Your plead for a correction… when you refer to the Royal Marines' involvement with Gibraltar dating back to 1704 when the English took Gibraltar from the Spanish…. is quite correct of course. But don't be too hard on the Royal Marines website, as EVERYBODY makes the same mistake… even Wikipedia on Gibraltar… does it:"During the War of the Spanish Succession, British and Dutch troops, allies of Archduke Charles, the Austrian pretender to the Spanish Crown, formed a confederate fleet and attacked various towns on the southern coast of Spain. On 4 August 1704, after six hours of bombardment starting at 5:00 am, the confederate fleet, commanded by Admiral Sir George Rooke assisted by Field Marshal Prince George of Hesse-Darmstadt comprising some 1800 Dutch and British marines captured the town of Gibraltar and claimed it in the name of the Archduke Charles! (Source > Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gibraltar)But… you ARE right, historically you are correct, the Marines under Rooke were English… NOT British… yet! But hey… what's 3 years (and a little journalistic licence) between friends?? heh hehSaludos!


  2. Yeah, I’ll confess to being pedantic. But as a historian and journalist I reckon I am entitled to be. :D if I had made a technical error like that in either history or journalism, I would have received severe rapped knuckles.I use Wiki, but always try and double-check the facts with a primary source. Wiki is great for a quick summary and amazingly useful, but not renowned for 100% accuracy. But you’re right, we all get things wrong.Hasta luego.


  3. oh I am so looking forward to some pics of the new monument and parade…..this was very interestng.Hope you are feeling better – I have been quiet as I thought you were having a bit of a Greta Garbo fest.Sometimes it does no harm to be quiet.I have had a bad hair week, which is now resolved………..Always enjoy the sunny pics on your blog! ;0))))))))))))Letty x


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