Passport numbers – tip for ex-pats

A helpful tip to anyone buying property or contracting services in Spain – eg electricity or telephone – do NOT under any circumstances lose your old passport number.

For example, if you wish to contract Telefonica’s ADSL service, ie pay more money over to the company, you will not need to give out a passport number.

However, if you wish to cancel that same service, you WILL need to provide a passport number.

And if you have changed passports in the meantime, you will need to provide the passport number that you originally gave to contract the telephone line in the first place.

Bureaucracy eh? Why am I not surprised that you do not need to provide anything to pay even more money over and yet do need to provide something to cancel a service……….

Much more about this one on Clouds. This is the helpful post – the other is the rant post.

3 comments on “Passport numbers – tip for ex-pats

  1. Last time I had to deal with Telefonica about a factura, I gave a NIF/DNE number, only to be told that wasn’t the number they had on record. When I checked on the factura itself, the number they had listed on the paper was a passport number from 1986…so just look on your factura where it says CIF/NIF number….


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