The Kenwood Chef

At the weekend I broke the Kenwood Chef.

I didn’t blow up the motor or anything crucial like that, just managed to destroy a couple of essential plastic bits.

This is yet another of my mother’s antiquated but functioning appliances. I am beginning to think these ancient appliances are in far better nick than I am.

Some time ago, I fished it out of its large plastic box where it had sat in storage for some time and decided to use it. The two plastic rings had perished.

As everyone knows, Kenwood Chefs have a plastic ring thing in the bottom, and one in the lid. If you forget to put the one in the bottom – your soup or whatever sprays all over the kitchen.

I rushed down to The Red House in Main Street (note to anyone interested – now closed). Yes, they had a ring for the bottom. No, they had never heard of a ring for the top. I looked at them perplexed. They clearly didn’t believe me.

Anyway, the bottom ring was the essential one, so duly bought, I fitted it in, and whizzed up whatever it was, holding tightly onto the lid. Note – although impossible to manage without bottom ring, the top one is not critical.

We’d bought some spares a few years ago in the UK, so on the next trip back to the finca, I brought back the top seal. I considered taking it into The Red House to prove a point, but it seemed like too much effort.

Yesterday I was whizzing up celery soup, all seals in place of course. Zzzzzzzzzzz went the blender. And didn’t blend.

I turned it up as you do when things aren’t working. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, it went in an even more angry tone. I turned it off.

I took the blender off the top of the base. I had broken the plastic connector on the bottom of the blender and the plastic connector on the top of the base.

Broken plastic bit from bottom of blender and lid complete with seal

‘Those two screws on the base were loose ages ago,’ said Partner, rather unhelpfully, in my opinion.

Had either of us screwed them up? Of course not.

Result – one broken Chef. Now to source the bits and find out the damage.

If anyone is interested – I blended the soup using the batidora (don’t know what it is called in English).


4 comments on “The Kenwood Chef

  1. oh is the batidora the thingme which is electric and goes inside the saucepan and blends? Although you have to be careful you don’t lift it up – out of the pan, whilst blending – otherwise you get a nice shower of hot soup all over you.Not sure what mine is called, but it is invaluable.I am sure you should be able to source some new parts for the blender on the tinties somewhere.And why shouldn’t I be intersted in how you blended your soup? ha ha ha!J – who is kinda faffing today.


  2. I have put a few Aussie pics on, if you want to take a look some time, more to follow though.I mean, I have around 1000 photos in my possession, so this could be food for many future posts………. ;0DComment Tart. (Letty)


  3. this message is for The Little Crutches who are Bored.”when I get back from my shopping tasks, I will post some more pics on my blog for you to wallow in!”lotsaluv, Letty – Who is stocking up decimated food cupboards.more laterLetty ;0)


  4. My mother’s Chef is still going strong, but I did have to replace the nylon cog that whizzes the blender blades around when slotted into the power unit. In our kitchen, the batidora is known as the Kitchen Vibrator in honour of the Two Fat Ladies.


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