In my indefatigable quest to continue to write about all things domestic, I have turned today to pillows. (Credit for this inspiration goes to another blogging pal – thanks Letty).

Pillows, of course are linked with beds. But fortunately you do not need a bed to buy pillows. The research, drama – and of course, cost – are not as high with pillows as with beds.

Now, in my bed investigations, I discovered that if you are willing to fork out £1500-£2000 for a Tempur latex mattress (well, half latex, the rest is polyurethane), you get free pillows. One each in fact, if you buy a double mattress.

These pillows cost more than £100 each. Yes, that’s right. More than £100 for a pillow. Actually at one point, I used not to use pillows. However I digress. Now I use two, more when I am terribly ill and coughing my guts up all night.

Clearly, two free pillows, are worth more than £200 – so that is a significant ‘saving’. Isn’t it? Well, it’s only a saving if you are going to buy the pillows anyway. And I’m sure the cost of the ‘free’ pillows has been factored into the cost of the mattresses. I wonder if you can have two hundred quid knocked off the price of the mattress if you don’t want the pillows?

Now, for anyone who doesn’t know, pillows seem to deteriorate rather quickly in warm humid climates. I have no idea how long latex ones last and I have no intention of paying more than £100 for a pillow to find out.

I have bought various synthetic ones in Spain that were OK but not brill. However the other week, I decided to splash out the princely sum of £15.95 on a (washable) microfibre pillow that ‘feels like down.’ And – indeed it does. I only bought one of course, for me to try, no point wasting my money on one each if they are rubbish. But it isn’t rubbish. It is incredibly comfy, and my little head just sinks into it.

I graciously asked Partner if he wanted one too. He sulkily said he thought he might. I went to another shop I had found that was selling the same pillows for £14.90. Always best to save a quid or two where possible.

It was not there. I began to think I had imagined this shop. I wandered up and down the street where I thought it was about three times. Finally – there it was – the door was open and the loveable pillows were inside. It turned out the shop shut for lunch. For two and a half hours.

There was only one pillow on display, but the helpful woman dragged out her stepladder and climbed up to get me another one from the top shelf. I, of course, need two of these delectable pillows so one was for Partner and the other was so that I could have two delicious pillows.

I parted with my money and happily traipsed home with my ‘feels like down’ pillows.

I generously allowed Partner to have his and I nestled down with two of them.

A couple of days later, I pointed out to him that the idea of having a delicious soft ‘feels like down’ pillow is to actually have that one on top. He promptly swapped his pillows round and said, in tones of rapture, how wonderful the new pillow was.

Yes dear. Men are so quaint aren’t they? I buy you a wonderful soft new pillow and it takes you a couple of days to put it on top. Ha!


3 comments on “Pillows

  1. My experience of Spanish washable synthetic pillows has been that they are great until they are washed, and then you might as well have a sack stuffed with old socks…I have two feather pillows stacked up on top of a hard/soft foam neckbreaker, bought to ease Bossman’s collapsed neck discs, and rejected by him in favour of a sliver of wadding that to my way of thinking is hardly worth having. In times of asthmatic stress I revert to old fashioned hospital policy and have two pillows on the bottom, two more crossed to support the arms, and a final one on top to support the head…total bliss and well worth the wheezing. I’m just grateful that I am not allergic to feathers…LOL


  2. In the words of my pal, Scarlett, “pillows are the work of the devil”. When I was in Aus, I had two of the most delectable and comfortable pillows I have ever laid my dainty head on. I slept like a log on them. I have no idea what kind they were but if I could have bunged them in my 20 kig allowance suitcase I would have done!(sorry B! But they were the best!) even better than my Memory Foam pillow which cost an arm and a bloody leg.Although I thought that was good until I slept on B’s Aussie ones.So perhaps you should be asking B, exactly what her pillows were????? ;0DEver since I have been back, my MF ones are proving uncomfortable to my little head. Also, another thought on the bed issue, when I was in Oz, I had a “blow up” bed, and it truly was the most comfortable bed too.Inflation is definitely the way to go.And Australia for comfy night thingmes.Letty Who is Tired from Triking.;0DBut so glad the Domestic Appliance Blog is continuing.


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