Red Arrows over Gibraltar – 2009

The Red Arrows flew into Gibraltar yesterday to put on a display this morning for the first time in years.

For once, my timing went well. Breakfast eaten, showered, and nicely ready to wander out and catch the 10.30 bus to Europa Point.

At the bus stop the traffic was stationary/moving very slowly. One woman said to her daughter, perhaps you had better go, or you might miss it. The daughter shot off at a fast pace pushing the kiddy in a chair. I followed her – but when I got to Trafalgar Cemetary, the traffic was clear.

I had visions of shooting around Rosia, Camp Bay and Little Bay, and entering the tunnel to get to Europa just as the Red Arrows flew past. I decided to go back and wait for the bus, I figured it would arrive on time.

A few minutes later it turned up. Full. Damn, damn, damn. I was going to have to walk anyway. 10.37 now.

I started legging it up the hill. As I passed the next bus stop, the same bus I had been waiting for arrived, still full. At least ten people immediately started the trudge uphill behind me. Onwards and upwards, past the Rock Hotel, past the cable car, focusing on getting to the old naval hospital before 11am – after that it’s all downhill.

And although it’s a hillier route, it’s actually shorter than going around Rosia. Well, I think it is anyway. And maybe an empty bus would arrive for me to jump on – but it didn’t.

At spot-on 1100 I was approaching the corner to descend to Europa and the Red Arrows zoomed into sight in perfect formation (it looked perfect to me). Red, white and blue smoke in perfect lines behind them.

I felt a slight shiver and a huge thrill of anticipation at seeing such incredible skill and precision. At this point, pedestrians were winning out, the traffic had ground to a halt and people were marooned in cars as those of us on foot gaily marched on to find a good viewing spot.

Nothing more to say really. Just brilliant and awe-inspiring.

Links to Red Arrows site (and Wiki) after the photos.

And the traffic was still horrific all the way back. I thought Gib might have tipped into the sea this morning, Europa Point end first – it felt like the whole of Gibraltar was going there. But worth it.

Red Arrows
Wiki summary

7 comments on “Red Arrows over Gibraltar – 2009

  1. oh so glad you saw them!I thought of you first thing today, I was sitting in my beauteous boudoir, sipping tea (who the hell do I think I am, Scarlett?) and I was listening to the radio.The presenter said she had seen the Red Arrows in Brighton yesterday…..and she wondered why they were there.Somebody texted in to tell her, they had just flown back from Gibralter where they were giving a display! So I hoped you had been able to see them!!I saw them years ago, and they always give me that really shivery feeling, you encapsulated it all with your words.Proud to be British! Proud of the Red Arrows and lovely pics!Letty ;0DWho has just posted (comment tart ;0D) about nothing as excitng as Red Arrows (I bet they are handsome beasts too!), no, Prawn Cocktails were my obsession today on my blogeroonie.Yum.x


  2. They're amazing! Great photos!We got to see the Red Arrows when we were at SHAPE in Belgium. They were awesome; I don't think I'll ever forget how exciting it was!KZK


  3. I have been looking at your blog roll, it is very interesting to see how some are kept right up to date and others are languishing, 8 months or so.I hope to be one of the "kept right up to date ones" ……..although it is difficult sometimes.L x


  4. It’s been YEARS since I’ve seen an aerobatics team. I wish I could have been there. It looks like they were great. :)


    • It was fantastic, and I’m see at least half the population of Gib was there. It was absolutely chockablock. Well worth the effort of going. I just didn’t realise how many people would go though which is why I didn’t think about the buses being full! Or the roads being full of cars! Should have set off earlier…

      Liked by 1 person

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