Día de Andalucía

Doing up fincas is hard work. Luckily Día de Andalucía – February 28 – fell on a Monday, so we allowed ourselves the privilege of a long weekend.

The autonomous communities in Spain celebrate their own special day in different ways and on different days. I suppose it is a bit like Yorkshire Day except that it is acknowledged by local government, and is a bank holiday everywhere throughout Andalucía.

In our village, the local council had organised a race. Although some adults took part, it was primarily aimed at young people.

So, after a walk down to the peaceful and quiet beach, we settled down to await the race which was coming past our house. For some reason most things end up coming past our house – parades, races, the annual romería – so it provides some entertainment without having to move off the terrace.

After watching the plucky kids charging uphill and around the circuit a few times, we felt tired, and decided a game of dominoes was in order.

Appropriately, we settled on Matador, which we’d not played before. The instructions in my domino set tend to be rather vague sometimes, so we had no idea if we were doing it right.

It seems we got the general principle right, and as I won, it was declared to be A Good Game. So much so, that we played it the next day until we realised it was even more tiring thinking about domino strategies than doing up fincas. After that, it was back to the grindstone.

Beach. And sea.

Solitary boat. Solitary palm.

Looking towards Málaga, beach bar – closed – and summer pedalo.

No rest for the wicked. It’s just another day for agricultural workers.

A buyo, or maybe a cow (?) at one of the local farms. Not seen this breed here before, how cute.

Piggies and more buyos saying hello.

Happy runners?

Fifth time around the circuit maybe?

Matador. Opening game, think I won that one.

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