Moorish Castle

Those rare few of you who got Christmas cards from me may remember they were taken from historical paintings of Gibraltar.

They were produced by the Gibraltar Heritage Trust and the trust also publishes an excellent calendar based around a specific collection of paintings.

This year’s calendar depicts early 19th century Gib, based on a series of watercolours by Lt Frederick Leeds Edridge. He was at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, for which he received the Waterloo Medal and in 1920 he joined the Royal Artillery. He was stationed with the Sixth Battalion of the RA in Gib between 1830 and 1834 which is when he painted his Gib watercolours. The collection is now with the Gibraltar Museum.

March’s painting shows the Moorish Castle. The current castle site is the result of centuries of rebuilding, extensions and remodelling from the 12th century when the first city was founded and a castle or fortification was built on the hill facing towards Spain.

At the top right of the photo is the Tower of Homage which is open to visit, so below are some photos when we went as a comparison with the watercolour.

The photos of the interior and the very top of the tower were NOT taken by me. I really must pluck up the courage to go up all those ghastly stairs so I can go inside though.

Lt Edridge’s painting, September 1834 (worth enlarging)

The castle – Tower of Homage – as it looks today

Queen Charlotte’s battery, just before the entrance to the tower

A close-up of the gun

Entering the depths of the tower – look at those stone walls

Looking down to the basement area (no go)

Umm, looking down from the top involving some rickety-looking stairs

Lots of arches inside, but this is not a Moorish window – is it?

Lovely vaulted ceiling

Looking towards Spain across the runway and the road that crosses it

And looking towards Africa

4 comments on “Moorish Castle

  1. Really cool post…I can't imagine what it is like to live there…when I first moved to Spain, I spent the first few months, randomly telling myself…I live in Spain…Who gets to live in Spain??? Me!!! Of course, lots of people do, and that is just exactly what they do…live their lives, but it is so interesting to think about what it must be like to live in other parts of the world…I find places like Gib interesting, just like that tiny little piece of land that is Russia, surrounded by Poland…coming from the states where you can get in your car and drive 3,000 miles across country, it makes me wonder how i would handle living in a place so small, like the Gib…I always enjoy your posts…sorry, but seeing Spain AND Africa from where you are made me ramble…


  2. I love seeing through your eyes – I've never visited before but it is on the list. Perhaps you would like to join me for my Expat Linky Party on March 19th? I hope to see you then, if not sooner. So nice to 'meet' you. XOL


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