Finca renovation (2)

When we weren’t idling on the terrace, watching runners, walking down the beach, or playing Matador – we did manage a little work.

So some more finca renovation photos, and a few garden ones.

The sitting room just needs a coat of anti-mould paint and then it will be finished. Shazam!

Garage and patio doors have been etch-primed and first coated in grey.

Outside walls have had loose and flaking paint scraped off, a coat of sealer and two coats of white exterior masonry paint applied.

The salad patch is doing very nicely although I need to shield the baby plants from the sun ….

….. and here are the results.

More seeds have been sown and had already germinated before we left.

But reluctantly we decided to chop down a nispero tree as its roots are so big it is causing cracks in the wall. Wall falling into street, hitting people on the head, or cars, is not a good scenario.

When the tree had come down, a piece of paper or card fell out. When I moved it again – the thing flew away, looking like some sort of flying prehistoric reptile. And it flew too fast for me to get a pic sadly.

The neighbours are still coming up trumps, one day we got some roasted peppers from them, so I chucked a salad together for a mid-morning brunch when we were working. Olives, capers, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, pimientoes, and parsley.

Here is hibiscus in the flower garden.

And the winter jasmine is finally out, looks lovely and smells divine.

Good books read: Cold Mountain and The Book of Negroes. Reviews later. If I remember.

3 comments on “Finca renovation (2)

  1. Lovely post. And for one such as me, still in winter (cold and rainy this morning thugh snow is disappearing fast)……I am luxuriating in your lovely warm photos! They have warmed my heart this morning, as I am starting to feel spring will never arrive here.J xps I have a whole upstairs here needing decorating, are his rates good? LOL


  2. It looks so nice and sunny there…looking forward to 4 days of rain here in Madrid…I thought the rainy season was over…Can't wait to see the finished product. It looks lovely so far!


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