Gibraltar National Day 2011

Well, it’s that time of year in Gibraltar when, if, you aren’t wearing red and white that you look rather odd.

Red and white are the Gib colours and today is National Day. It is party, party, party from first thing to early tomorrow morning. Not for oldies like us of course.

What to wear? Well, courtesy of The Paint Shop in Europort we had acquired two new free red T-shirts. Very good. I had – too late – searched the shops for some new white shorts and failed miserably.

I went out this morning and decided it was TOO HOT for trousers. I glared at my offending creamy white ones and decided to turn them into shorts. Have scissors, needle and white cotton – will make shorts.

Partner skulked off for a couple of hours work but came back before the big hour at 1pm wearing his Gib T-shirt. We were set to go.

Long trousers.

And now made into shorts.

And free T-shirt.

There I am..

Partying on in the car park.

And in King’s Bastion.

Now, can we sneak in here? Unlikely.

How about this side?

Oh, yes, there is someone with a Paint Shop T-shirt – I know him!!

Party party party

Listening to the mayor’s speech – Kaiane Aldorino was given the freedom of the city for her achievement in winning Miss World.

Releasing the balloons at 1pm. The 30,000 red and white balloons represent our population.

And – here is the declaration that we all listened to just before 1pm.

On this, our National Day, we, the People of Gibraltar, here gathered as a community:

1. Remember and celebrate past generations of Gibraltarians and others, who, by their efforts, sacrifices and determination made today’s Gibraltar possible;

2. Celebrate and honour our country as a success, and the community that flourishes within it, and we express firm resolution to resist and overcome the challenges that we may face in the future, as all previous generations have done;

3. Declare our enduring commitment to a society based on, and upholding the highest principles of human rights, democracy and social justice;

4. Express our collective solidarity with those people in our community, and outside Gibraltar, who are economically, socially or personally vulnerable and in need of support;

5. Declare our openness to friendly relations and cooperation on the basis of mutual respect with all countries and peoples that share or respect our values as a community;

6. Acknowledge our obligation to future generations of Gibraltarians to care for our environment, and to assure the political, social and economic prosperity and success of Gibraltar in the future;

7. Celebrate inalienable right as a people to determine the future of Gibraltar, our homeland, in accordance only with our wishes, rights and aspirations;

And finally, on this, Gibraltar National Day, we send greetings to all Gibraltarians around the world, and we greet and thank all friends of Gibraltar in Britain and elsewhere.

And – when he got to number five – the woman next to us said – except for Spain. Because, she is right. Hands off Spain. Just lay off with your claim to Gibraltar. If Gibraltarians wanted to be Spanish they would have voted for that and they would have Spanish flags all over the place today. They don’t. Gibraltar is an independent British Overseas Territory.



One comment on “Gibraltar National Day 2011

  1. Thanks for the photos. Congrats and Happy Gibraltar Day. Reminds me of football (gridiron) game day at my uni. Red and white clothing, ballons in the air and tailgate (boot) parties. Listening to the game now. Go Big Red!James


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