Thank you

A quick thank you to my reader who gave me five stars for the previous Strange Meeting post about war, and remembering people who died in whatever wars, whether they were civilian or military deaths.

If it has taken people a long time to read through it – it took even longer to write it.  I realised I couldn’t write a remotely sensible post about 20th century wars without looking at the figures in some detail.  And what I found truly surprised me.  Still does.

If I could summarise my O level history lessons about WW2 (for example) it would read – learning about Hitler’s rise to power, how some of his troops tried to assassinate him, how annexing Poland led to Britain’s involvement, the bad things done by the Nazis such as concentration camps and the systematic massacre of Jewish people, and then when the Japanese dropped a bomb on Pearl Harbour, the Americans got involved.

As for all the battles in the Pacific – never even came into my lessons.  Or anywhere east of Berlin,  although we may have touched on the Russian front.

Perhaps that explains why so many of us don’t understand each other’s cultures.  Because we don’t know history.  We don’t know our own, and we don’t know that of others either.

Anyway, thanks for that five star vote.  Brought a smile to my face this morning when I saw it. And if anyone is wondering if I know who it was – I don’t.  However good statcounter is, it isn’t telling me that!


Thanks for visiting roughseas whatever your interest and, if you comment, a bigger thanks.

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