How do you want to vote?

At some point during the day some noisy van came around blaring something out. Noisy horrid vans.

Oh! Wait! It was a meeting at 8pm in the John Mack Hall to listen to the Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party(GSLP)’s political speeches.  Technically it is the GSLP/Liberal Alliance, but as the Liberals have three candidates and the GSLP has seven, it might as well be the GSLP.

We thought about it – and – at 7.40pm we were there.  So was half of Gibraltar.  We found two of the last few seats.

Flags and an expectant audience

First up lots of rousing music – Simply the best – which Gib seems to love.  Flags and singing in abundance.

Simply the best
Showing the flag

I thought I had gone to a polite civilised meeting where one listened to someone expounding political thought.  Perhaps not.  This was full on in your face electioneering. It would be wouldn’t it, with only a couple of weeks to go to the election.

Ten candidates all spouting their stuff.  Of which only ONE was a woman.  But who got the biggest reception?  Who had everyone gone to see? Joe Bossano of course. You can read about him on wiki if you want but anyway, he was still the one everyone wanted to hug at the end of the meeting.

Hug for Joe
Embracing a mate

Comments about the meeting – well a full house and more. John Mack Hall was more than absolutely lleno.  Standing room only.  Saw one of our mates down the front but he was too late for a comfy seat.

Marks out of ten for performance?  Been on the courses obviously.

Most did a mix of english and spanish but mostly english.  Only Joe spoke solely in spanish/llanito – and went on too long.  And yet we all wanted to hear you.  The party can’t ditch you – yet.  As I said, who did they all want to hug at the end?


Mmmm Joe, you ain’t dead in the water yet.

Oh politics, yes, well, better government housing, no sovereignty deals.

How are you going to provide ‘better’ government housing?  Better quality or even more cheaper crappier stuff?

Just asking.  Really. And a Commonwealth Park?

Now who the fuck is going to pay for all this?? Might I possibly ask? Given the alleged millions of pounds debt incurred by the current GSD?

On which point, there were more than a few jibes about the expensive new airport.  On the lines of ‘Who decides where to go on holiday because there is a super duper new air terminal there?’  Well that’s fair enough and totally accurate.  But if you go on holiday and the airport is crap, maybe you don’t go back.  Having said that, I actually like Gib’s current air terminal, well it isn’t a terminal, it’s just a small building, and there are minimal delays.  It sort of adds to Gib’s uniqueness.

There were, of course, digs about the health and social services record of the current government.  Apparently, there are lots of really great dedicated people in the health service, but the only problem is the awful management.  Hmmm.  Red rag to this former health service manager.  Poor old managers always take the fall.  But it seems it took someone months to get a result from a mammogram.  Now that is bad.  Hello GSLP, please give me a job and I will sort your breast cancer screening services.  After all, if I could do it in the UK for half a million people, what are a few thousand in Gib??

And how can you ever prevent the influx of border workers to the benefit of local people?  Well?  It’s no good moaning about how they have increased.  Tell us what you are going to do to stop them undercutting the local rates.  How you are going to stop firms employing people on the black for less pay and no tax and social?  Huh?  We all know what the score is. Rhetoric is fine, but reality is cheap black labour from across the border and people who live in Gibraltar remain unemployed.

Cycling in Gibraltar is NOT dangerous by the way. The only danger comes from impatient, rude, and selfish motorists/motocyclists/moped drivers.  Instead of criticising the Gib bike scheme as dangerous, why don’t you propose better traffic calming measures?  That would be far more constructive.

But you may get my vote cos you possibly are less worse than the alternative. If they ever turn up at JMH to tell us what they are going to do.


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