Sunny Sunday

After what seemed like sorting stuffs in Gib forever we finally made it back to the finca.

We like to think we are still adventurous types so we even tried out a new by-pass (here) on our way home.

No sooner had we been back five minutes than my neighbour collared me with a conspiratorial whisper.

‘We’ve got a new neighbour,’ she said excitedly.  Or rather, tenemos una vecina nueva.

She jerked her head towards the huuuuuge finca opposite.  ‘No!’ I replied equally excitedly, to join in the fun.  ‘Has it been sold?’

The finca over the road (and my roses need pruning!)

No, she said, and then proceeded to speak in an even lower tone so that I missed most of what she said.  Basically it’s someone in the family who is living there for now.

Quick recap.  When we first arrived, many years ago, the finca was full of horses which often went to shows to win prizes.  There were two employees, a groundsperson/general labourer/maintenance person and a horse person.  There were peacocks, parrots, pointers and all manner of animals beginning with P.  Including Perro Blanco.

Perro Blanco, locked out from his finca

One weekend we returned – and the only P left in residence was Perro Blanco.  The staff had been sacked and the horses had been moved to another of their huuuuge fincas up near Antequera.

So it was kind of good to hear that it was going to be lived in again.  And poor old Perro Blanco was looking quite neglected, but he has perked up with someone around again and a couple of extra dogs to rag the shit out of.

Although, as their windows overlook our house, I need to be a bit more careful with my dressing habits as I have got used to nobody being able to see into ours.  No more wandering out of the shower, leaving the towels behind and then going to look for clothes.

What else?  Well with the rain, the salad garden and spinach had grown hugely.  The hibiscus had flowered.

Spinach (beet) - acelgas

Next doors gave us our tea – the ingredients for ensalada de Axarquía.  Actually they gave us two of everything, but by the time I had taken the photo, I had already used half of our freebies.

Ingredients for ensalada de Axarquía

We decided to take Sunday off.  A walk around the beach, and then a chill out on the terrace.  What else does one do on a Sunday anyway?

Gin rummy, white wine, San Miguel, and sunshine

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