The mysterious saga of the missing Gibibikes

No sooner had the bike scheme in Gib gone live than the bikes all seemed to have disappeared.

It hadn’t gone live everywhere, but for a while there were half a dozen or so at the rack near us, and similarly down in Europort, and presumably elsewhere. The stand down at Commonwealth Parade is still wrapped up in black plastic and bikeless, even now.

Bikes at Europort
No bikes at Commonwealth Parade

But when we went to the political meeting of the GSLP/Libs, they mentioned that some bikes had gone missing.

Now while I might criticise the scheme as being a gimmick – I don’t think anyone should be stealing the bikes.

And the other morning, Partner walked out at six o’clock with Pippa, and noticed a bike lying on the floor by John Mack Hall.  When he got home he promptly did his good citizen bit and rang the police to report the abandoned bike.

The officer on the end of the ‘phone thanked him and said there had been a large theft of the bikes that night.

What are people doing?  Stripping the bikes?  Respraying them?  Importing them to Spain and flogging them for peanuts?

There is no need.  It’s criminal.  I seriously hope people aren’t stealing loads of bikes because they don’t agree with the scheme and don’t want it to work.  That would be very nasty.

Better to go down the road of the proposals put forward by the PDP (Progressive Democratic Party) and introduce cycle lanes.  For those who consider cycling to be dangerous, which in my opinion it is not. Is cycling dangerous without motorists on the roads? No. So therefore where does the danger come from?  Not from cycling.  Cars – and their drivers. Better too, to encourage wearing gloves and helmets.  And to ensure that drivers who intimidate cyclists are prosecuted.

Because, cyclists have the same right to use the road as motorists.  Just as, when there are no pavements, pedestrians also have the right to walk in the road.  Go away Toads of Toad Hall.  There are too many of you around these days who consider yourselves Kings of the Road.  Parp parp.

I digress.  I think the scheme is expensive.  I think the bikes are tat.  Although someone had left the saddle at exactly the right height for me.  But stealing the bikes or sabotaging the scheme is unacceptable.

Just the right height

(And for anyone who wishes to comment about my lack of helmet, gloves, or appropriate cycling clothing, please note I was just trying for size  – I am not cycling anywhere – it’s still at the docking station)

Hello camera (now I know how Pippa feels)

And, here is 50+year old woman indulging in the dangerous activity of cycling.  Note, helmet, gloves, clothes, and shoes.  And, assertive cycling with a good position in the middle of a narrow road, I had to avoid the parked car as well.  But no-one is pushing me into the ditch.

Safe cycling

4 comments on “The mysterious saga of the missing Gibibikes

  1. Nice article. Thank you. It is strange how people react to the new and hopefully progressive. It seems most such bike programs end in failure due to the theft and vandalism of the bicycles and the reluctance to use more public funds to continue such programs that are not appreciated at first glance. Public programs will succeed if the public takes the responsibility to help make it work.

    Sounds like two wheel riders are not appreciated or tolerated there, as in other locations around the world. The riders are not contributing to pollution. They are getting exercise and having fun. Perhaps motorists are jealous and ashamed. They are not having fun and are polluting the atmosphere. I could say more but don’t want to be run over by a mad motorist while I am walking.


  2. Iquitoz – my reply would be so long I think I need to write another post. Cycling is interesting I think, and should not be regarded as the preserve of cranks (who me?) or just for young sporty people. Cycling is for everyone at any age, in any place. Old Brits like me would remember Norman Tebbit’s famous quote:

    “I grew up in the ’30s with an unemployed father. He didn’t riot. He got on his bike and looked for work, and he kept looking ’til he found it.”



  3. @iquitoz

    If you are walking on a pavement you are far more likely to be injured by a cyclist than a motorist. Cyclists on pavements are as aggressive towards pedestrians as motorists are to cyclists on the roads, and for the same reason; I can go quicker than you, so I have priority, so get out of my way.


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