Big Sibling is Watching YOU

Fookbase (FB) Warning.

Not only watching, but recording, filing, and saving your every move and comment. Even those you thought you had deleted.

Now you know why some of us have left Facebook.  Thanks to Iquitoz at South of Tonight for the link at the top of this post.

And if you really can’t manage without the social interaction – there are alternatives.  G+ is one, but if you don’t like Google/Blogger/Picasa and the rest of the Google empire – it may not be for you, although it’s a nice looking site.  Diaspora, although not as sophisticated, is another choice. Or you may like to tweet, although I rarely do. I invariably have far too much to say to tweet.

But for the other sites to work – you need to join them and use them.  It’s no good waiting for everyone else to change because you will all sit safely and comfortably where you are. Be brave.  Be individual.  Dare to be different. Join a less well-used social network site. But only if you want of course.


2 comments on “Big Sibling is Watching YOU

  1. I still use Facebook. However, the web browser I use with it deletes all cookies when it is shut, which I think is essential if you use facebook, as it is rumoured that some facebook cookies persist even if you log off properly, not that anyone does that anyway. You have to recognise though that anything, text or picture, you put on facebook, you have effectively given to facebook forever.

    My concerns with Facebook are really concerns with Mark Zuckerberg. I think he is the model of the ‘all american boy’; I doubt he can understand the concept of a secret you’d keep from your Mom. Ideal attributes for a son I’m sure, but not perhaps for the driving force behind Facebook.


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