From one extreme ….

From a rather grey, damp and gloomy Gib I thought I would share some sunnier pix with you all on this particular Sunday.

A few posts ago, I wrote about the Mid-Harbour estate. Here in Gib it is called government housing. In the UK it would be a council estate.

But in the UK you don’t walk out of the door with a view across the Bahia de Algeciras and a view out of your bedroom window of the Rock of Gibraltar. For just over £100 a month  rent.

Nice view from front door huh?
From bedroom window, not that it matters when you are asleep

We were working in one of these flats this month.  Pretty big kitchen, beautifully fitted out, even down to the Belfast sink.

I can’t imagine renting a property and spending thousands on fittings and fixtures although in retrospect, one of my parents’ friends bought fitted carpet, and my mother-in-law changed her kitchen.  Council house mentality I guess.

Here are the beautiful gardens outside.

Entrance to Mid-Harbour Estate
Capstan winch, made in Carlisle, 1952, in the open area of the estate
Another view of the lovely flowers and trees

And moving swiftly on to the other end of the extreme to Ocean Village.  Where we have also been working.

Firstly at the rather lovely Pizza Express, and secondly at a flat. Cost of flat, approx half a mill. Compares well with the Mid-Harbour rent of £100+ quid a month eh?

But look at this beautiful pool area.  This, my dears, is in the somewhat more exclusive estate of Ocean Village. The former Marina Bay, revamped at the whim of a certain Greg Butcher.

Nice pool

Who? I hear you ask.  Greg Butcher. Vegetarian (for which he gets a plus point from me), founder of Montagne Jeunesse cosmetics company, and countless other companies.  Here is a linky, about the only decent info I could find, as he has managed to avoid a huge internet profile. Very clever Mr B.  Ironic name for a vegetarian methinks.  I’d be changing that one.  Using my wife’s name or my mother’s name.  Anything but Butcher.

It truly is from one extreme to the other.  If Mid-Harbour council estate government housing ain’t my cup of Darjeeling, neither is the rather bling Ocean Village.  Not that I could afford it.  Although – I’m never one to refuse a quick swim in a beautiful pool.  But it is December.  And I didn’t have a swimsuit.

If only I had that swimsuit ...

4 comments on “From one extreme ….

  1. Sorry for resurrecting this post,not even sure if you’ll see this!) but £100 per month?! What! Is this for unemployed people on benefits or something? (I noticed you mentioned in a previous post about housing lists) Whenever I’ve looked at rental properties in Gib they’ve been through the roof compared to where I live in England.

    Not sure if I’m misreading something, could you provide some clarity for me, how do you qualify for these flats?


    • Yup, I do see it, all new comments come up on WordPress automatically.

      Yes, housing prices in Gib are expensive in the private sector. Government housing is for people who are a) Gib resident and who are b) who are on the list.
      It’s like a UK council list. Sort of.

      One of our friends was on the list for nine years and finally got a Mid Harbour flat recently.

      People who are unemployed/on benefit may end up paying less, depending on circumstances.

      The clarity is, you become a resident, get a job (or vice versa), rent here privately for years, go on the list, and eventually get a cheap flat. Probably one of my less helpful comments, but it is honest.


      • On the contrary, I’m glad you’re blunt about it, no room for misinterpretation.

        Thanks for the quick reply, I’ll probably have another question or two for you related to these sorts of things when I’ve had time to get my thoughts in order, but I’ll do that in the Gib questions area of your blog.

        I hope you don’t mind the barrage of queries you’ve been getting from me and others lately, I feel kind of bad using you as a font of knowledge as my curiosities arise!


        • No worries at all. I originally started ItchyFeetAtForty to share my experiences of moving to Spain, and then added Gib to the mix.

          This blog seems to suit people more, and they are happy to ask questions. Fine by me. I’m happy to post what people want to know about.

          Same as before, if it’s a short Q&A I’ll answer on the Questions page. If I think there is too much to write, I’ll make it a post.

          I’m not on the housing list, so I don’t know the ins and outs. But, I think that is a fair take on it.


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