Three kings

A quick post to celebrate The Three Kings. Or in old and technical speak – Epiphany.

Gib being on the god-fearing Catholic Iberian peninsula ducks and dives on this one. We don’t have a bank holiday on 6 Jan, but the evening before we do get the cabalgata de los reyes – procession of the three kings.

So here are a few pix.

Marching band

River boat (1)

River boat (2)

River boat (3)

Blue and white
House of cards
Black and white

A rover!! oops wrong blog!!

The trusty steed parked up

And – it’s interesting that everything has to be done before 12 noon. Taking down the Christmas decorations before noon on the 6th, April fool jokes before 12 noon, our neighbours in Spain ensuring we shared a celebratory drink with them before noon on 1 Jan. it’s almost as if the day goes from noon to noon. Perhaps it does.

Three kings from Persian lands was always one of my favourite carols. Can’t bear that boring Cornelius version, but I managed to find a decent soprano to share with you all. I truly think this music was made for a clear soprano voice. Enjoy.


3 comments on “Three kings

  1. Thanks for sharing the pageant – it’s my sort of thing and the musical finalle to the post was wonderful, no wonder you scorned my Doris Day track :)))


    • Thanks Gerry, Three Kings was always one of my faves at school, used to love singing it. Night pictures vary for me, my digicam is pretty old like me, the first iphone is useless at them (also like me) but I’m hoping for better with new iPhone 5c which works out slightly cheaper than a posh DSLR. I think the pix were ok because there was lots of light – otherwise – disaster. Fireworks are a nightmare to take, despite having a firework setting on the digicam :(


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