The job thing (2)

And – some white collar tales of the job thing.

I signed on at the Gib Job Centre a couple of years ago. There was nothing there remotely in my line of business of course, and I got bored with wandering up every week and dutifully signing on (for which I received no benefit before anyone asks, it was just to stay registered to get the info from the few cards on display) and being treated like someone who wasn’t capable of holding down anything more than an iron for pressing at the dry cleaners.

Anyways, as my dear readers know, the government in Gib has changed so I wandered into the job centre last week (so OK we were going to buy Sugar Soap from the nearby Dulux Centre as well) – and nearly got the shock of my life.

The previously empty boards were absolutely lleno (full). They had even started using the boards on the side walls. There were new daily vacancies. Unbelievable.

And even more surprising – there were jobs in my profession. For people with writing and journalism skills!! Just. Wow.

I joined the queue to find out the details for my chosen vacancies.

All unemployed together - but no orange chairs

Now – I need to explain the way of the Gib Job Centre.

Some years ago Partner went in to ask for a job – this was before we became Gib residents. So to get the details of jobs, you either needed a Gib ID card – or if you obtained a job from elsewhere eg on the street, word of mouth, but not the job centre, you would then become registered because they would receive a copy of your employment contract. Because, everyone getting a job in Gib ‘should’ sign an official contract which then gets passed to the employment office. And then you could look for a job with the job centre. Is that vaguely clear?

You couldn’t look for a job without having one – unless you had the ID card.

Of course, you can’t get a Gib ID card without – yup, a job, or at least sufficient proof of funds or self-employment. See where all this is going? Around in circles.

Well he found himself a job, became registered, we got ID cards, and the rest is irrrelevant, or history, or something.

So last week I goes up to the employment officer, said I was interested in a couple of jobs, and did I need to reregister? We checked my details that hadn’t changed and I was ready to go.

Got the details for two not bad-sounding jobs. By which I mean I got to find out who they were and a ‘phone number. Good to leave things to people’s initiative huh? One offered a salary, the other didn’t. Five short lines on a job centre card. Whatever happened to the days of job descriptions, person specifications, terms and conditions, hours, and all the rest of that crap?

I rang up one and the job had already gone – but, I could always send a CV. OK.

The next one I rang said he would get back to me with more information – and he did that the same day, plus gave me his name and said I could drop off a CV for his attention.

So I did. Well, I walked into the block and asked to leave it with the concierge who told me I needed to go to the office. Up six floors. Whereupon I was told the person I needed was on the building on the other side of the block. On the first floor. Down again – and then – I collared the nearest person and asked for my contact. So my kind guide took me directly to the desk of my contact.

Isn’t that life? Had I dressed up smartly, the concierge would have accepted my CV no doubt. But as I wandered in, wearing my scruffy warm ropa (clothes), I ended up being paraded through a multitude of offices.

Vamos a ver, as we say. ‘We’ll see.’

One of the first announcements by the new Gib government was to ask all employers to use the job centre. Seems to be working better now than before, and what may I ask is wrong with using the job centre to advertise jobs?

My next post just has to be about politics – and the changes in Giblife. The new Gib government is running away with itself it is moving so fast! I need to do a summary of some recent events. Hopefully tomorrow. One day I may post about interesting things :D


One comment on “The job thing (2)

  1. Hi there,
    I was wondering if you managed to get the job? My partner currently lives in Gibraltar and I am hoping to move out – easier said than done. I am trying to pursue a career in Journalism or Broadcast media after finishing my degree in History and Politics but having never visited the country I’m looking for people who can help and share their stories!

    Sophie Bichener


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