Sí Señor

International politics as viewed from a construction site.

Thought I would brighten everyone’s weekend by posting up this fairly succinct summary of a rather sensitive diplomatical issue discussed in today’s tea-break.

The usual multi-national, multi-lingual, multi-cultural, multi-everything that signifies Gibraltar.

For the record, present were two Spaniards, one Moroccan, and one Brit.

‘Gibraltar should be Spanish. No?’ said one of the Spanish labourers. Because that’s how Spaniards ask questions.

‘No.’ Said Partner. ‘Gibraltar is for Gibraltarians, and after that it is British. But of course if you are interested in pursuing this incredibly passé and boring claim for Gibraltar, no doubt you will be ceding Ceuta and Melilla to Morocco. Won’t you?’

Apparently not.

‘No puede, ‘ said Spaniard. Because it’s ok to annex someone else’s space but not cede any of your own.

And from the Moroccan in response to Partner’s challenge?

‘Sí Señor. Eso es correcto.’ (ie, you (Spain) have two extremely strategic parts of North Africa that could possibly be deemed as being Moroccan)

Come along Spain. You don’t claim Gibraltar cos it is at the bottom end of Andalucía and insist on retaining Ceuta and Melilla as well (which, for anyone who doesn’t know, are Spanish enclaves at the top of Morocco).

There then followed an extremely brief discussion about how the British were quite happy to fight wars and maybe this was one Spain wouldn’t win.

So there we go diplomatists. You want answers – visit a construction site.

Looking towards Ceuta, Morocco and Africa, from Gibraltar

10 comments on “Sí Señor

  1. You’re certainly on a blogging roll today!
    I know nothing of present day Gib/Span politics, except what you post about.
    History a bit more once.
    Gib to me, should be an independent territory from the UK but never under Spanish control.
    If memory serves me right the ‘Rock’ holds to many secrets to be let loose ie into Spanish hands and if you want to remain Gibs then Brits you should.


  2. thanks for the insight. i have found that ‘international news’ in canada is a bit more comprehensive than is found by our neighbours to the south – but still lacking many stories. ferry capsizings, cruise ships run aground, earthquakes and other such stories are broadcast. but the conversation you share here is news for me. so thanks for sharing!


    • I have to say, the meagre knowledge I have these days of world affairs comes from the internet. The trouble with dropping out of society is that you lose all interest in keeping up to date with news. Plus some of the journalism is terrible!!


  3. I think I heard a similar political discussion when on a boat going past Gilbraltar quite a long time ago….continual controversy? The history is fascinating. I would like to visit someday…but at that time there was some problem about you could stop there if going this way…but not stop if coming from that way. Enjoy touring your blog


    • Thanks PMotH

      Yup, controversy with the Spaniards ever since it was taken by the Anglo-Dutch forces 300+ years ago – and that’s before you even get into the Moorish period.

      Plenty of tourists here from over the pond, so they obviously do get to stop off. You’ve got to be pretty focused with your time though to dash around in a few hours :D


        • Thanks. A few hours is all they get on a cruise ship though. Or maybe just come down from Spain (we’re actually on the tip of the Iberian peninsula so people can drive across the frontier) to do some shopping at the British supermarket Morrisons, and decide to ‘have a look around.’ You can see quite a bit in a few hours because it is so small – but you would need to be well-organised in advance and aware of what you wanted to see. Wish I worked for the tourist board!!


  4. Wierd world. Im in Ceuta today. Im spanish and I find it wierd. We can see Spain in Africa, from Great Britain in the south of Europe. Not about countries, is about what people what’s to be in those cities. Here they tell they like to be Spanish. I would also prefer, as they have red passport! If they are happy, Im happy too about them!


  5. Gracias para escribir en ingles, he visitado tu blog y escribo en español (pero muy mal, claro :D).

    Bueno, por los otros, voy a seguir en ingles.

    I think you are totally correct – what the people want is the most important thing – TO US – although perhaps not to our governments. I really must visit Ceuta – so near, and yet so far.

    Gracias por tu visita, pero como me has encontrado??!!


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