Not a drop to spare…

In case anyone thinks living in warm, sunny, sub-tropical Gibraltar without a job is a breeze, I thought I would point out today’s little downer.

In fact it started last night.

Now we all like excuses not to wash up, or at least I do. But not having any water yesterday evening, still not having any this morning and the pile of dishes mounting up, as is the laundry, I can’t mop the floor – what is a woman to do with her day?

Naturally, not lacking the odd functioning brain cell, I finally got round to ringing GibAqua.

‘For information on interruptions to supply, please press zero.’

I did.

‘Due to emergency work the connection to potable water supply has been disconnected to …. ‘ – virtually most of Main Street by the sound of it ‘…..until 8pm tonight.’


There are more too .. just not all in the photo :(

8pm?? By then I’ll not only have last night’s dinner dishes, but today’s breakfast pots and pan, my brunch, and tonight’s evening meal stuff as well. That’s if I can find anywhere to work amidst all the dead dishes.

I mean, it’s a good thing it’s winter and I can live without a shower. Even more important, it’s a good thing I washed my greasy hair yesterday isn’t it? Always best to look for the good things in life. And find something else to do instead of keeping the house clean and tidy.

But to end on a cheery note, I was reminded, when replying to an earlier comment, that I am midway to my next wedding anniversary. The fact that I am married at all never fails to amaze me, but for so many years is something else again. So I thought a few summer photos from our silver wedding 18 months ago to the day would not go amiss, as I never posted them before. Sometimes it’s nice not to post stuff. At least not straightaway.

Europa Point is one of my favourite spots. Standing there at the tip of Europe and looking across the Straits of Gibraltar to Africa is always, well, inexpressible, to be honest.

Just as well I am not there today though. Being surrounded by water and not a drop in the flat would get up my nose somewhat.

Lighthouse at Europa Point

We went to the Rock Hotel for the first time ever. We didn’t eat there.

One of the Rock's menus
The lounge, somewhat dilapidated








So we wandered down Main Street instead, to the town branch of the Maharajah, Tuckey’s Lane as I vaguely remember, anyway, one of those between Irish Town and Main Street, (other restaurant is on Queensway Quay). We did eat there.

The Maharajah
Yes. Open for business.














And not a food photo in sight!

Note (to avoid being sued by The Rock Hotel): I posted a photo of the restaurant, at The Rock which was closed. Bar food on the terrace was available but a) my photos didn’t come out at all, too dark inside the bar maybe? and b) there was zilch/minimum vegetarian choice. There were some large olives on the table. Can’t remember if I ate any or not though. Probably too worried about being charged a pound an olive.


18 comments on “Not a drop to spare…

  1. what a bummer about the water :(
    thanks for sharing these moments. Europa Point looks stunning.
    happy belated – and upcoming – anniversary! blessings to you both for many more.


    • We’ve got a couple of bottles of water, so don’t worry about that, and we keep a spare one topped up with tap water. Pippa would not go without. We might, but there is always water for him.

      Yes, I have now replied to A’s helpful comment :D


  2. Water update for all those who are riveted to my lack of it. Rang up the emergency number after 8pm to find out what was happening – and – they are still sorting the leaks. Plus a lot of chat in Spanish that I won’t bother adding. As of yet, no water, so off to basket, bed, cama, mat.


  3. Hope the emergency work crew worked through the night to return the flow of your liquid gold. I “assume” those working on the pipes are/were without agua themselves. Hopefully there was some incentive on their part to remedy the problem as soon as possible. So Pippa’s help with cleaning the dishes is not appreciated? (-;


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