A walk to the shops

I loathe shopping. Not just with a capital L, but LOATHE it.

But, and this is a big but, even I can tolerate a trip to the boring old supermarket when I have beautiful views all around me.

Beautiful views wherever you look

This isn’t Asda, or Tesco, or Safeway (as was) in Newcastle, in Gosforth, or Kenton, or Cowgate, or Heaton or wherever. This is a trip to Morrisons in Gibraltar, with the Bay of Algeciras and Spanish hills, on one side, and on the other, the indomitable Rock.

Looking up to the Rock from the new Mid Harbour estate

The supermarket is the same as any boring old one anywhere, but the walk there and back is wonderful. Now if only it wasn’t for that bit in the middle, I could almost like going shopping.

Yesterday was a glorious day, and I wandered around the streets, wearing a huge alpaca/wool pullover, thick jodhpurs, boots, and two T-shirts. I did think if I had been in the UK I would be wearing shorts and a T-shirt – pretty much like a lot of the tourists who were wandering around.

And when Partner came home after work, he promptly took off his overalls and trousers, and desperately pulled on his shorts.

After the recent ola de fria (cold wave) in Europe, it seems like we are having a Feburary ola de calor (heat wave) in winter. We’re looking at more than 20 degrees today in sunny Gib.


37 comments on “A walk to the shops

  1. Heat wave here in the UK as well – I am off to the co-op in a minute to see if there are any sell-by date reductions to be picked up. Sadly there are no magnificent views along the A46 Grimsby to Lincoln road but the walk will do me good!


  2. Used to enjoy a nice bask in the sun back in the day with a nice cold bottle of Kronenbourg from the wembly or the matchbox bars. Are they still there? Almost right by South Barracks.


      • If my memory serves me right the Matchbox was somewhere between south barrack road and scud hill? it seemed to be just around the corner from the Wembly, Its been about 25 years, good times though :-)


        • Can’t think of any matchbox. Will have a wander there though and take pix of something that might have been a pub :D if I can identify suitable buildings. Thanks for the info. And there is the Edinburgh too past Sunnyside, I think that claims he reputation of being the furthest south pub.


  3. I was basking in the sun on my patio this afternoon in sunny Wimbledon, it was only 13 or 14 deg but got myself out of the breeze so it was really warm and I was only wearing a long sleeve shirt and tracksuit bottoms.



  4. glad you enjoyed your shopping trip. thanks for sharing the views.
    today (or yesterday for you) it was sunny in bits, shining gloriously onto the snow-capped local mountains, but also overcast in other bits. and cold everywhere – with some mix of sun and snow, but no snow sticking to the ground.
    20 degrees sounds very nice and warm :)


  5. Do you have a new camera? Great pictures. I hate shopping too but at least you do have very attractive surroundings!
    I am not sure why we came up as anonymous in our comment on your other blog – will try typing our name into box!
    M & B xx


    • Hello MBB. I wish (to the new camera). It’s been on the list of Things To Buy (which is hardly a long list) for ages, but I keep making do with this one while it keeps struggling on, even though it does eat batteries for breakfast lunch and tea.

      Oh, do you know that you can use your facebook login (if you are still on, unlike me) as well? That way a piccie should come up too :)


    • It has to be done, so might as well make the most of the decent bit and minimise the bit in the middle. The one where you part with money, fight with trolleys, well, you know how it goes.

      I’m always bemused about the myth that women are avid shoppers. Even my clothes start falling apart (and get mended) before I can drag myself into A Shop to buy something new.


      • Clothes shopping – shudder! I hate it. I have friends who love shopping and do it with gusto. They quickly tire of their clothes and pass them on to me, bags at a time. I take out what I like, try them in the comfort of my own home, and pass on the rest. Much better system! And cheap ;)


        • Hehe! Sounds like my neighbours in Spain. She’s much fatter than me so when she really can’t squeeze into stuff any more it comes my way. Like you, I take what I like/fits, and the rest goes into the church clothes recycler for Africa (I think). I have learned the wisdom of Cheap is Good over the last ten years.


  6. I’m no great shopper either, but as my Morrison’s is just minutes away, go there. But yours because of the walk/views enroute is magical – maybe it’s worth those extra pence you say they charge :)


      • You didn’t have to rub it in, re being/living on the coast :(((
        Sold my self short as said before, but trying to make the best of it, but the coast although closer than when in Oxford is still hard to reach when car less.


        • As a kid I lived between the North Sea and the Lancashire Atlantic, mid-way between them both, and a fair drive back then. Since then, with the exception of Beds when working in London, we’ve always lived on or extremely near the coast. No public transport to the seaside?? :(


    • We tend to drive once a week sometimes for the heavy stuff, so my walking trips are to top up. I could get the bus, but it’s as easy, fast and healthier to walk – I build a slight detour in on the way there to go past the boats, but we’re only talking minutes. And on the way back, I usually stop half way to enjoy the views.


        • Living in a small space like Gib, – everything is in walking distance :) And in Spain, in the pueblo, the same. Although sometimes we do cycle to the next town for shopping – and there are good cycling laws in Spain for drivers to keep their distance (two metres) :)


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