Just another Friday afternoon – in Gib

Well, all those fascinated with the baked beans on toast saga will be delighted to hear that I have discovered the magical ingredient for the sauce… all will be revealed .. later.

It was a nice wintry day, sunny, slight breeze, and I had little to do except wander up and down Gib to the shops and take photos.

First. I doubt many of my readers see this on their usual Friday arvo wander.

Money changers

Here we have cross-border workers, queuing at a local currency exchange to change their lovely sterling into lovely euros.

At a guess, they will be exchanging somewhere between £200 and £300 into euros. All this money will merrily go into Spain, to be spent in Spanish shops, on Spanish rent or mortgages, on Spanish car loans, and in Spanish bars etc etc

My point here, is that when people say, that Gibraltar benefits from Spaniards working here and boosting the economy and spending their money here – it’s not as simple as that.

Sure they buy fuel, fags and spirits. I forgot to take a picture of all the ones walking back up Main Street with their black bags full of goodies to smuggle across the border, if they dare risk it in the current climate.

Yes, cross-border workers help the Gibraltar economy by providing their labour. But they do not spend the bulk of their wages here by any stretch of the imagination.

A quick count for this picture gives approx 50 people. That means somewhere between £10,000 and £15,000, at one currency exchange alone, where money is changed into euros to leave Gib.

There are more currency exchanges. Official ones, and unofficial ones. The rate today was 1.19. How many more thousands of pounds were exchanged today to take out of Gib and into Spain?

Secondly, I doubt many of my readers see this local on the street.

Give me your plastic bags. Now!

His eyes locked onto my plastic bags. Barbary Macaques know that plastic bags = food. I told him to largate. I had a flask, a bottle of cava – and OK – a bunch of navos, white turnips. But go away monkey, you are not raiding my bags.

He obviously wasn’t happy with my lack of generosity. I got the message. ‘No quiere,’ said someone walking next to me. ‘He doesn’t want (his photo).’

No quiere

Oh, the baked beans. It can wait.

Just another Friday arvo in Gib.


21 comments on “Just another Friday afternoon – in Gib

  1. Your Friday afternoon, blogging aside, appears to have been entirely different from mine. A pleasant walk in the sunshine, although not too warm by the look of the transient workers who have a range of hoodies and jumpers. Here, dull, dank, overcast and generally chilly. Nor could I compete with the rock apes. The best I could come up with was a domestic black and white moggy chasing leaves in the chill winter wind. (yes I know I was saying it was spring yesterday but it seems I was wrong. Hey ho)


    • I don’t see any hoodies there. Change your glasses. Temp high of 17, think it was warmer though.

      I love the monkeys. I don’t think they should be attacking my shopping bags though, so one needs to be assertive. You know ‘Stay, please for the photo,’ and ‘Thank you, go away, no treats because that is illegal’.

      It’s not spring until March. Oh, it is March.


  2. Don’t mean to be picky …. ok maybe I do. The man far left back to camera black hood down? Hoody worn under fleece?

    love the scooter but I am a bikeaholic. The monkeys are ‘sweet’ although my friend who served on Gib for some time might not agree. ;)


  3. This to me is where the EU is wrong, yes, it’s good in the fact that we are all one big (was going to say happy, but I don’t think so) family, and we can flit from country to country, but there is always going to be a divide where one country is more appealing than another in the wages stakes. I could say a lot more, but it’s not for here.
    I gather the monkeys have no fear of humans then?


    • I don’t mind the flitting – I wouldn’t would I? It’s the living in one country and going to work in the other, and taking the money out of the one that’s providing the income. That’s before I even get on to the black labour. As you say, for another post!

      The other way around. Quite a few people are frightened of the monkeys. The Alpha males are pretty big too. This was a young one so I just told him to clear off. That’s for another post as well :D


  4. Great post. After spending a week in my own life. It’s nice to read about & see bits of someone else’s, and be exposed to different issues. I’m sure your little furred photographic subject was charming but for some reason monkeys give me the creeps… eeeeewww.


    • Thanks for that. One of the things I enjoy about blogging is flitting around the world to read about different people’s lives in different countries. I follow a few Aus blogs, but that’s partly due to having lived there :)

      I think people either like them or they don’t. They are probably our main tourist attraction, so maybe best not to put Gib at the top of your ‘Must Visit’ list.


  5. for the record, i see at least two hoodies in the image as well :) but that aside – how often do you see monkeys while out shopping/taking photos? haven’t read in Pippa’s blog for a while but i saw one or two there.
    anyhow, time to say good night. have a great weekend!


    • Not another word about those wretched hoodies!! I blame Roy for starting that one. :D

      The monkeys come down to town at certain times of year as I vaguely remember. Certainly when the figs and nisperos are on the trees, I think there are two main periods of the year – I’d have to look back through my photos :( to look for when I take the most pix. It really is amazing seeing them wandering down Main Street though! I still can’t get over it which is why I still take pix just like a tourist.

      I thought it was a bit late over your side of the pond and the continent. Buenas noches y que pases un buen fin de semana to you too :)


    • Quite. Which the bad taxi drivers and tourists shouldn’t be doing. £500 fine – I doubt it ever gets enforced.

      Did you know you were telepathic? I was literally on the point of starting a post about pubs of the south district with you in mind when your comment popped up. Or perhaps I am telepathic?


  6. I didn’t realise that about the currency. Can you spend euros in Gibralter or is it exclusively sterling. A monkey once came to Hartlepool and the locals hanged it because they thought it was a Frenchman from a shipwreck and for everafter have been nicknamed ‘Monkeyhangers’!


    • You can spend euros at a somewhat extortionate rate. Best to spend in sterling.

      I knew the Hartlepool tale :) didn’t live in the far north-east for ten years for nothing. Gloomy place. Nearly as bad as Durham.


  7. Well for me this was a ‘not work’ Friday, so the afternoon involved a walk up to Centre Court shopping mall in sunny Wimbledon. It was 13 degs approx, so only a light coat required. No monkeys en route, but within yards from my front door I was fixed in a stare from Snowy, the White Westy who lives in house No 1, and likes to look out of the window.

    Looked in the Sony store and then the Apple centre finally ending up in the small Tesco to acquire a few items for the weekend, most notably some much needed mushrooms. Oh what an exciting life I lead, maybe I might take up this blogging malarky one day.


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