A fruitless search

Another bright sunny day at Europa Point. Quiet, early, peaceful – ideal for that elusive find.

After my two – fairly feeble – goes at finding this cache, and one by Partner that was cut short due to too many people appearing, we resolved to find it today.

Down the horrible steps we went. They aren’t a problem for Partner who is currently working on scaffolding seven or eight floors up, but they aren’t too good for me. I need blinkers, like horses, and then I can’t see the drop.We’d not braved these before, just hanging around at the top in the car park area, which was such a non-place to hide a cache.

For those of you who don’t geocache, when there are different levels, you can’t actually work out which level you should be at. So a cache could be located at the top, or the bottom of a staircase, if it was placed at exactly the same co-ordinates.

We thought the steps led to a private estate. They did, but not into it, and there were paths running around the outside of the walled houses – a gated community? – and onto the cliff tops.

Looking out to the Bay of Algeciras/Straits of Gibraltar

I had a brief look for the cache and decided I was better employed exploring. First I went west, and then I went east. Very nice. Why didn’t the cache person hide the stupid thing around here instead of under the steps where people had chucked rubbish, and cats decided to make it their personal lavatory?

Glorious spring flowers on the clifftop
Gun emplacement, almost falling into the sea
Solitary poppy

The trouble with geocaching is that if you don’t find the cache within the first five minutes, you probably won’t. We didn’t.

Those horrid steps - and Partner puzzling out where the cache could be

But it was a nice walk, and otherwise I would never have found this secluded corner of Gib, and that’s one of the big advantages of geocaching – takes you to places you would otherwise never find. Although preferably without vertiginous steps.

Next – the other elusive find – the Matchbox (see previous pub-crawl post). We took the route up Europa Road and then dropped down passed Brympton to South Barrack Road. Needless to state – not a single Matchbox in sight.

Not the most successful hunt ever.

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6 comments on “A fruitless search

    • Nope. Pippa and geocatzing don’t go together. Can’t look for caches and keep an eye on a dog :( Nor is he as well-behaved as your two off the lead, although he is fine on it (cats excepted).

      It was nice though, short, but pretty and so quiet too. No horrible people around – just a dog walker :)


  1. Lovely pictures, I haven’t seen the sea for a while, love the first with cactus and ship. Never tried geocaching, maybe I should start, I am beginning to run out of places to go near where I live.

    Can you combine it with a pub crawl?


  2. This activity was very popular on dartmoor I seem to remember. You would see people dashing about the moor and then rumaging about in rabbit holes and under boulders and then dashing off in to the distance. It wasnt as I at first thought a Scottish regiment on a penny hunt, but it turned out to be a sport/pastime called Dartmoor letterboxing (Totally different to Soho Letterboxing so I’m told, but best not dwell on that!) where a waterproofed container holding a rubber stamp a visitor/note book and an ink pad would be hidden. On finding a container the participant would stamp his own book with the containers stamp and then stamp the containers note book with their own stamp, and then dash of in pursuit of the next box.
    There were books of clues published and I believe some prizes of value were placed out and more expensive books of clues sold to hunt these out. I think there are 1000s of containers all over the moors.


    • Yeah, I’ve heard of the letterboxing thing (the Dartmoor version ;) ) but it seems to be confined to selective areas. Geocaching is pretty much world wide and there are loads in the UK. Not so many in Gib, which is why we only do it occasionally here – apart from my recent sterling effort a week ago to be ‘First to Find’ :D Speaking of boxes, I really must go up and have another look for your Matchbox. But not today.


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