Two confessions, salad pots, and – skins

Or should that be true confessions??

Confession number one: I’m not really into these blogging awards. Over on blogger the dogblog community used to dish them out endlessly, and like a lot of things it seemed a) competitive and b) somewhat pointless competition. The dog invariably found more interesting things to bark about, and when he did remember to post, he never followed the rules.

Confession number two: It’s still nice to receive them though! Haha. What a hypocrite I am. Not receiving them is a bit like not being picked for team games at school and you wonder why no-one wants you. Now I’ve got two awards I feel like I’ve been picked for rounders and netball teams.

Without further ado, thanks to: EllaDee for the Versatile Blogger award and The Vegan Kat for the Liebster one.

Taking a leaf out of the dog’s book, I shall of course not follow the rules.

For the Versatile one, I’m supposed to tell you seven things about me. I tell you all loads of things about me every time I write. I’m sure you don’t want to know any more. I’m meant to list 20 blogs I follow. I don’t think so. Most people don’t click on links anyway. The Liebster one suggests listing five blogs that are your personal favourites. That’s a bit more like it.

I do like the fact that an award gives you an excuse to list a few decent blogs though, and I’m going to write why I like the ones I’m going to list. For a later post however. If I remember.

But if you do want to visit a couple of blogs, both Elladee’s and The Vegan Kat’s are great. Elladee has more than one blog (who doesn’t?) so you can flit between places, words, images and more. Kat’s is a food blog with some excellent recipes. You don’t need to be vegetarian or vegan to enjoy browsing around there.

As one of the awards was passed on to me by The Vegan Kat, it gives me another good excuse to sneak in a food post. Do I need an excuse, you may ask?

I used to loathe taking sandwiches to work for lunch. The availability of food at work was appalling and in the end, depending on commitments or whether there was a lunchtime meeting, I went home for something whenever I could.

Here in Gib Working Partner only gets half an hour for lunch and hasn’t got a chance of coming home, so it’s the sandwich run for him. I open the sandwich bar just after seven to start the prep. I figure if he is working nearly ten hours, the least I can do is make some decent food for him. (I used to get paid for making sandwiches in Sydney!)

The Spaniards he is working with take a full three course meal – olives, tortilla, casserole, fish, yoghurts, dessert etc etc etc half of which gets offered around or thrown away.

One day Partner was offered some olives and tortilla so naturally he accepted (he refused the fish). The next day I was ordered to include olives in a pot so he could reciprocate. I chucked in a bit of tomato, cucumber, and some cheese so he wouldn’t be too ashamed of my food prep abilities. In fact he didn’t have lunch with the same guy so to this day, I don’t think he’s got around to sharing his olives back.

But what has happened is, that every morning now needs a fancy salad pot, sometimes involving food prep the day before. The salad pot has become the focus, the sandwiches the mere accompaniments.

So, salad pot staples:

    Black olives
    Green olives
    *Tomato – cherry or normal size
    (*when organic ones are available)
    any herbs or greens that I have kicking around – but not too many

The trick is finding ingredients that are easy enough to eat, and suitably tasty. Egg is a no-no because it falls apart. Beetroot stains everything a disgusting red (so it goes in the sandwiches instead, along with onions in red wine vinegar)

Salad pot extras:

    Broad beans
    Roasted red pepper
    Chick peas/haricot beans/butter beans etc

These don’t ALL go in together, needless to add. Or maybe I do need to add that!

So a tofu and rice dish in the evening provides enough left over to join the salad pot staples. Similarly pasta. Or the veg.

Last night I grilled a red pepper and peeled it, added garlic dressing, (oil, salt, garlic) and left it in the fridge overnight to absorb the flavours. This morning it was chopped up, and with some cauliflower from the evening meal, added to the olive and caper mix. There was also a tiny bit of rice left so that got used up too.

Roasted pepper, cauliflower, olives, capers and dressing

Still on the food theme, here is a bar in the midst of the New Harbours Industrial Estate that I forgot to include on my pub crawl. Don’t know what it is called. It’s only open when the estate is open, a bit like the bar next to the Coviran supermarket.

An oasis in the industrial desert?

It’s a nice leafy looking spot in the midst of trade centres and stores. A good contrast no less – contrast being The Daily Post photo challenge word this week. Spot the glimpse of the sea between the large building and the trees.

Busy busy busy

Finally, and only very vaguely related, I see sausage skin tights are back in fashion.

Back in my NHS days, I noticed one of my colleagues had some rather nice glossy tights. As she was tall, with long dark glossy hair, and long (glossy) shapely legs, I decided I must buy some of those tights.

All went well, I too had long glossy shapely legs from thenceforward, until one day I read a description that said they resembled sausage skins. I still have some stashed away in the drawer now, never worn after reading that horrid unkind article.

I watched these young women wandering up the street in front of me today with glossy legs, and horrors ! in American Tan too – what a vile combination. And they still looked like sausage skins. Luckily I didn’t take pix of them.


19 comments on “Two confessions, salad pots, and – skins

  1. Just returned from my first proper day in the office, well court and no I didn’t do it. I will perhaps update on my blog later. Had the alert to this new blog which I have to say is unfair. I have been working for 10 hours and no chance for lunch, or even a cup of coffee. I open you post and its all about foood, quandry: do I eat something now and spoil my appetite for later (Terre a Terre bound don’t forget) or just feast on your post.
    Have you tried pearl barley as an ingredient in salad, bit of lime / lemon juice and anything else you choose to throw in something hot will make it nice. Mmmm
    Going to raid the cupboard now.
    Now you have TWO awards do I have to pay to comment?


    • Evening meals are easy but breakfast and lunch at work can be difficult so always try to pass on top tips :)

      Have to say, I would have eaten that salad pot when I had made it up :) fridge is a bit bare now. Very challenging for tomorrow.

      Pearl barley. Hmm. I suspect Partner would not like that. He loathes couscous. So pearl barley would fall somewhere between that and rice I guess. I like it. A soup recipe coming up perhaps?

      All payments gratefully received :)


      • Because I am travelling around a lot at the moment I am doing sandwiches :( not a fan. It has to be a spread so it’s easy and quick to eat. Still my wife bakes a mean loaf so at least I know the goodness in the bread is there.
        Hmm, I am not one for receipe’s but will see if my personal domestic godess has any ideas,


        • Spreads would be easy – olive pate, mushroom pate, hummus, – trouble is Picky Partner doesn’t like spreads in sandwiches. Too mushy I guess. I don’t know why I haven’t got around to baking bread again – too idle. I used to fall in from work and bake it on automatic pilot. The things you can achieve when you are busy compared with little you get done when you have time never fails to amaze me.


  2. Oh the salad pot looks great and you got me thinking it has to be better that my veggie pitas..hard to keep olives in the pita..


    • I think a salad pot is a good way to go, with whatever else you want to use.

      He does get a nice fork/spoon wrapped up to go with it all :) But seriously I think part of enjoying a decent packed lunch is partly that someone else has prepared it.


    • :) I do follow them broadly speaking. I just cringe at the idea of writing things about ME! It took me ages to write an ‘about me’ thing on here, and the only reason I did was because it’s usually what I look at first when I visit another blog, so I figure others do the same. So rather than egoism, I looked at it as more of a marketing tool. Perhaps I will write those seven things after all ;)


  3. Re: awards. I smile and say thank you, then don’t do anything. Bloggers move on so quickly to the next thing that most forget they gave them to you in the first place.

    I thank them because I appreciate the gesture, but I think of awards as the blogging equivalent of chain letters.


    • Ha! an interesting perspective. Yes, the gesture is nice, and as I’m happy to highlight other blogs, I’m going to do that. But I know no-one is going to click on 20 links after reading my post, so they will get staggered (?) out on my posts over a week or more. If the bloggers want to accept the awards they can – they are probably more interested in receiving visitors and that’s what it’s really about. Chain letters! LOL.


    • Good point. No I don’t. But that’s because I am terrible with saving things (like opening presents) and would eat it all as soon as he had walked out of the door :D To be honest, throwing a few evening leftovers together with some salad/olives isn’t too time-consuming. I noticed today it takes longer to open a new pack of olives, tin of olives, pack of beetroot (yeah I know I should use raw – and then I would have to grate it, even longer) than it does to put the stuff together. I’ll often make a bigger salad for me for brunch :)


  4. congratulations on the awards! while mine is an award-free blog, it is gratifying to be considered for one.
    just for the record, i will never look at those sausage tights the same way again :D


    • I think you and Tilly have the right approaches, different but equally gracious. I think there is an odd dichotomy about them. I genuinely appreciate someone enjoying my blog(s) enough to mark them out for an award, and in that sense they are very meaningful. But, as both you and T say, the logic follows that virtually everyone ends up with them so in that sense they are meaningless.

      I don’t post the pic, I only add the extra stuff if I feel like it, but I’m happy to link to other blogs. Trouble is while I actually do visit other blogs from these lists, most people tend not to. Or tend not to from my blogs going by the ‘click’ stats.

      Natch I would have awarded you the awards :D and I even thought about writing a long par about not awarding you them because I couldn’t, but I decided a) a bit too much of an in-joke and b)wasting valuable space on the topic of awards. Plus, I don’t like to keep overemphasising my fave blogs, not because I mind but because there’s no added value :(


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