Move along

No posts on here for now. I’m a busy woman. Need to keep up to all my other blogs.

The dog is complaining about the absence of posts on his blog. The ironing is complaining about being wrinkled.

The alcachofas want to be cooked (Ok maybe not). The floor definitely wants to be mopped.

And as for the bathroom?

So if you want to see sunny Spain, you can head over to Everypic where I did actually post something today here.

Thank you for your viewing and your patience.

(Yes, I know I posted this on Clouds, or similar less irritable words, but some of you follow one blog, some follow another, and some just click like as soon as a new post comes up on the feed, but we won’t get into blogging politics. Not today anyway).

Now, the big decision – artichokes or ironing? Of course – artichokes first and iron while artichokes are cooking. Silly me.

Alcachofas - from my Spanish neighbours at the weekend

18 comments on “Move along

      • Don’t feel too badly about that–I just left a mountain of laundry to have a cookie and a cup of tea while I blog a little :) Priorities, yes? :) Or even better, great minds think alike :D


          • Ah, yes, I see you stopped in at the Kale soup recipe–thanks for the comment. Yes, you certainly get a gold star for multi-tasking today! Impressive! You must’ve been keyboarding with your toes. Should I be expecting a veg goulash recipe posted sometime soon? I don’t mean to brag, but I do consider myself a near expert goulash connoisseur… ;P


          • Then no goulash recipes :D Merely an excuse to stick a pepper, some cayenne/paprika, onion and some type of veg protein in. But if I was making a meat one, I might take you up on that. I’m not though. :)


  1. Ever thought of having one big kitchen sink blog? Yes! The dog needs your attention please!

    BTW, I’ve never cooked artichokes. I usually eat the pickled prepped ones from the deli. Does it take so long to cook or did you just not have too much ironing? It takes me (without exaggeration) 2 hours or so to do my ironing (once a fortnight). And despite that, no…we don’t iron t shirts or undies :)

    See you soon at the dogblogpark x


    • Hello Stranger :)

      I did some of the ironing, some of the floor, all of the chokes, (now mostly eaten and rest going on tonight’s pizza), and didn’t sit in the sun. Bit difficult with no outside space :D


      • Hello, been busy with my jet set life y ‘know, okay working too hard.

        I’m sure I saw garden chairs and bikes an jasmine …

        Any pizza left I could have it for lunch. My first cooked in Italy by Italians pizza was artichoke.


        • Poor you. Do you get the weekend off? Go snooze in the polytunnel?

          You did. But that’s in Spain and I’m in Gib. Keep up.

          Tiny bit left for my breakfast. It also had toms, red onion, black olives, capers, chillis, and broccoli. Not sure if the dried yeast is getting tired or the flat was too cold as it took longer than normal to rise. Still, it worked fine in the end.


          • Just back. Didn’t sleep in, in fact barely sleep at all, not for the want of trying.
            No TOIL for me I’m afraid either, and my shifts are now one weekend off in 6. My better half will forget who I am, could be the start of a new romance. ‘Who are you, the face is vaguely familiar?’ Ahh ships passing in the night.
            My sandwich bar is shut, unless I open it although the soup kitchen is fully staffed by A so cook I don’t but lunch boxes I do. Perhaps you could suggest that as a way forward, it would give you time to blog, walk, sun or geocache.


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