A cloudy post on roughseas…

In cloudy Gib I’ve been updating the dog’s post over here on Pippadogblog, for those of you who read dogblogs.

The next planned post on here (and that could mean anything) but allegedly tomorrow, will be answering a question from J, about what it’s like living in one of the most densely populated places in the world.

Here are a couple of pix to leave you with:

Looking across the naval dockyard to The Tower (scaffolded) from Rosia Road.

A couple of salad pots that are still being made up for lunch for poor old working Partner when I open my sandwich bar at 7am.

On the left, sautéed tofu, olives, capers, pimientos – the eggs were for a potato tortilla, that accompanied it.

On the right, pickled cauliflower, olives, cucumber, tomatoes, and probably some broad beans underneath, that one was served/packed with fake chicken slices in brown bread sandwiches, plus beetroot and onion slices.

More on pickled cauliflower at some point, as I reckon I have sorted this one, after some trial and error.

Not run out of ideas yet for salad pots, so these are working well.


11 comments on “A cloudy post on roughseas…

    • Aw thanks. I used to get so bored with sandwiches at work, and if someone is going out for ten hours work a day, I think they merit some decent food. I thought you might have asked me how much they costed out at ;)


  1. Trying to give time to 3 blogs is challenging… mmm those salad pots. I’ve had neither coffee or breakfast yet. Looking forward to stopping by Pippadogblog later.


    • My excuse for having more than one is that they are all different – as you commented about reading his take on Gib/Spain life. Depends how the inspiration takes me on the day as to which one/s get written!

      I have to confess when preparing the salad pots I am totally incapable of not eating at least one olive, and usually a few other small samples too.


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