Friday fatigue..

….sets in.

Working all week, you look forward to Friday, and two blissful days out of the office. You also realise how much work is outstanding and pile a load in your briefcase to take home, which may or may not get looked at.

Not working all week, when it gets to Friday, you realise how little you have achieved from Mon-Thurs and promptly try and fit it all in before noon as government offices close then and people leave early on POETS day for the weekend. (story about that on Clouds if you don’t understand the reference).

So, having finally found a reasonably interesting job on the internet a couple of days ago, I printed out the forms, and drafted the CV and covering letter yesterday, leaving the boring old form for today.

Now get this. We are talking about a senior job here, and they include an application form that wants to know my O level results. Dearie me. Who cares about my O levels? Huh? There comes a point in jobs when you want to look at experience, not what someone passed at age 15.

Let’s fly in the face of discrimination too. Date of birth. Hello! That one is not necessary. Nor is date of schooling, exams, university etc as anyone with a maths O level can then work out how old you are.

Surprisingly it didn’t ask if I was married, what gender/sex I was, or whether or not I was pregnant, had a dependent dog etc etc.

References have always been a pet gripe of mine, and an issue that I have always kicked up a fuss about.

The ethical and thinking reason is that, references are not provided to either select a candidate for interview, or to pre-judge them before interview. They are there to support the candidate following a job offer.

The rather more practical one, is that if you are fed up with your job and you are looking for another one, you don’t want your present employers to know that. So therefore, you always tick ‘referees not to be contacted prior to job offer’ box. Or you write something on those lines on a CV.

I did spend some time studying personnel as part of my MBA, and as a hirer and firer, it was also part of my responsibilities to keep up with current ‘good practice’ (I write that in quotes because there is very little good practice in personnel/HR). I would painstakingly point out to people that the Institute of Personnel Management considered it bad practice to require references before a job offer for all the reasons I have stated.

And the other one of course, is that if you are applying for a lot of jobs, you are seriously likely to piss off your referees.

Well, lo and behold, not only do I have to produce all my worthy certificates with my job app (for photocopying), they also want my references up front!!!!!

We have by now of course, destroyed half the trees on Gibraltar, with a ten page app form that will be photocopied countless times, my certs, my CV, my covering letter, and at some point if I can find anyone to vouch for me, a couple more pages for referees. What the hell is the point of all this excessive and unnecessary paperwork? Oh, forgot the two page vetting form for the Royal Gibraltar Police to check me out half way around the world in all the houses I have lived in since the year of my birth. No doubt they will want to check out the Indian bungalow I stayed at in Jaipur, or the cheap room in Pattaya?

And, to top it all. A passport photo. No doubt there are countless roughseas personae masquerading as roughseas. I think they would be found out rather quickly.

Now, here is the interesting thing. When I asked about the submission of all these documents with the application form, I was told everyone would get an interview!! Uh?? I checked again today when I submitted my forms. Yes, same line (at least they are consistent).

Some years ago I advertised for public relations managers, specifying experience in PR or journalism or both. Preferably hoping someone would apply who could write clearly and simply. I got nearly 200 replies and this was only advertised locally.

Admittedly journalism and PR has a rather glossy – and totally unmerited – image. A vast amount of applicants thought they would be good at it because they were friendly and chatty on the ‘phone (more or less). I would get, for example, an application from a fire officer, who for three months or so had done in his stint as the PR officer, whereby he reads out from a script about the incendiary [sic] that happened last night, no fatalities, fire extinguished at zero two hundred hours, or however they speak in uniformed English.

That was not what I wanted at all. I wanted people who could spot good PR opportunities, write about them, interview people, and who would call ‘incendiaries’ fires, and ‘fatalities’ deaths. And I sure as hell would not have liked to interview nearly 200 people when I knew I was wasting my time and theirs.

So why are they interviewing all applicants? Never heard of sifting? Talk about keeping people in a job.

I tired my weary self out doing all that though, so I’ll leave you all with a few pix from my exciting trudge to deliver my job app. I now need to steal the dog’s sofa reclaim my sofa and have a napita.

To those of you who work, enjoy POETS day (unless you are doing overtime of course). To those of you who don’t, I don’t need to tell you to enjoy your day. To those of you job-hunting, I hope you don’t have to fill in a ten-page application form, a two-page vetting form, and supply all certificates obtained since kindergarten, plus your references, natch, all before you even have an interview date.

Pix show a platform in the dockyard in Gib (looks rather Greek templish I think) – there is always something interesting to see in the dockyard – plus the Dolphin Launch undergoing a refurb.

The others are spring flowers, that even on a cloudy day added so much colour to the walk back.

Platform. (another pic on slide show of temple on its own)

Flower – note construction worker waving at me on the other side of the road!! Don’t you love it when people react so spontaneously? Hello person, I was trying to do clever flower shots. I would have cropped you out had you not been so friendly :D (pic on slideshow of flower without friendly person)

I found this tree fascinating. It looks like it is hung with lots of little paper charms.

No idea where the bizarre light came from on this one. (Flash?)

And @ V, here is some blossom that I thought looked similar to yours. What do you reckon?

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25 comments on “Friday fatigue..

  1. The trees are lovely. I love trees all abloom in the springtime. As for the job, I’ve come to accept that there are some (ok, many) employers out there that are looking for some ideal that I’ll never meet because of my age, my looks, or my educational background. I figure if they want to box themselves in an miss an opportunity to work with the likes of me, then that’s too bad for them.

    There IS a fantastic job for me. It may take awhile to find it, and it may be lost in the sea of these others, but I WILL find it. And we will all be the better because of it.


    • I love all the seasons, but you have to be fast with spring to catch the new growth and new blooms just when everything ‘springs’ (groan) into life.

      Totally agree on the job thing. And I think you would be brill to work with too. My current issue is that I need to compromise my recruitment principles in search of the dreaded money. C’est la vie. Or eso va la vida. Cheers for your mail re Pippa, will write something up here there or everywhere soonest and try and return the favour.


  2. When I left my last job last April I thought I might wait a couple of months, play some golf and go on a holiday or two and then look for another. I have changed my mind! Every job application requires a huge investment in time and effort and is completely unnecessary. Often there are recruitment consultants involved (don’t get me going on recruitment consultants!) and the paperwork is unbelievable, especially for (badly designed) on-line application forms. I have concluded that like Candide “we must cultivate our garden”. Good luck with this particular application by the way!


    • It is ridiculous being asked to waste, time, money, paper, print, pen, whatever, on pages of trivia, when all anyone needs is a two page covering letter and a two page CV. If you can’t sell yourself with that then you shouldn’t be applying for a job.

      I have looked at recruitment consultancies and – shied away from them.

      And thanks. Although I am always put off by what I consider to be flawed application processes :D


  3. I have already logged over 70 hours @ work this week…so happy it’s Friday and your lovely pictures gave me a nice visual break for a bit..
    have alovely weekend!!


    • That is serious at work time!! My partner is currently working more than 50, worked all last weekend, and is working again today, we’re both hoping for a day off tomorrow!! At least that will be half a weekend.


  4. I hate filling out forms to apply for a job – huge chunk of time. Here many are on-line – which is fine except if you have to stop and go search for addresses and phone numbers and dates -then by the time you get back and ready to put in information – the darn form program has timed out and shut down. Sigh.
    Do you think the one you are applying for makes all the paperwork really complicated to see if people can follow directions? That’s one way of screening people…seriously.
    Anyway, something will work out – meanwhile Spring looks wonderful!


    • Actually I did think that. I figured if you could be arsed to fill in ten pages, plus the other two, plus add anything else, photo, certificates – yes, you should at least merit an interview, if you didn’t give up part-way through.

      I used to think forms were fine, but then I learned to think.


  5. Yes, the forms are ridiculous, even for the most mundane jobs that only require common sense, the questions are endless. The passport photo? unless of course you’ve chosen to disguise yourself by wearing a latex mask, would determine your sex, and a good idea of age too.
    I filled in an application online once for a postie, I got through the 1st round of questions, to be confronted with part two. I had to read a postcode, pick up the letter (with a click of my mouse) and drag it to the correct box on the screen. I failed, but I’ve always wondered WTF that had to do with physically sorting & delivering letters.


    • I thought I’d mentioned the blossom too, but apparently not.
      Yes, it does look very much like my blossom, well not actually MY blossom :lol:
      Still none the wiser as to what it is though.


    • I hadn’t even thought about the discriminatory aspect of the photo!! although I’m sure no-one would peg you for pensioner if you had to submit one. I just look a bit like a sun-tanned member of the Baader Meinhof gang on mine.

      That postie thing is amazing. I now have visions of posties messing around in front of a computer screen virtually sorting while the pile of real mail lies behind them!


  6. Don’t know what my employment status is now, as I resigned today, but have 3 months notice I’ve agreed to work. I was working for the European Union on nasty web type thinggies, but only 190 days per year (38 working weeks) as I was building up to giving up work completely. I was based at home in London with about 6 trips a year to Brussels.
    I’m not looking for another job (although I won’t qualify for any UK pension for the best part of 10 years) but would probably like to eventually use my technical expertise to perhaps help some charities.


    • I guess until you leave you are still employed, seeing as you aren’t on garden leave. I doubt anyone will live long enough to qualify for the rather outdated and quaint thing that used to be known as a UK pension (unless already receiving it).

      I’m never sure how much charities appreciate any free stuff. My parents did something and I offered – once – and people seem ambivalent. Perhaps it’s the old line about free stuff not being valued? Anyway, I applaud your sentiments, and hope you find a decent charity where you appreciated. (It’s more likely that any charity will be full of amateurs who think they know exactly how to do a professional’s job – but I could be biased).


  7. I was made redundant many many years ago, after applying for jobs and sending hundreds of CV’s to agents, firms etc I was completely destroyed by the lack of anyone willing to employ me, or even acknowledge the hard work in composing and sending the CV and covering documentation. So I became a pig, they wanted more mature people as the coppers were all about 12 at the time.

    The blossom is stunning, perhaps a new career selling piccy’s?

    POETS day yesterday for me, been at the plot and in the garden, polishing and riding motorbike Yippeeeeeeee.

    Hope your canine friend allowed you a little space …


    • Seems we are all griped about the effort we put into the whole job ap process to receive JSN out of it. Did have to laugh though about the coppers being 12!!

      Thanks, but I’ll stick to trying to sell my skills as a word person, I don’t make any pretensions to be a photographer, much as I would like to. There must be as many would-be photographers out there as there are writers/journos.

      If it was POETS day on Thursday then it would have been POETF which doesn’t work.

      I never got to the sofa in the end :(


  8. yes, that looked like a flash light, urk. bad pun.
    what an adventure – and some beautiful flower images to make it worth your while :)
    thanks for the story – am sure you will keep us posted on the interview, etc.


    • I keep trying to take the flash off but it won’t work. I must be subconsciously looking for more halos ;)

      I suppose I could drag out the instruction booklet…..

      I am sure thinking about photos makes you look at things more consciously, which is no bad thing at all. Even if I do get strange construction workers waving at me!


  9. I’m just catching up to Friday now that it’s Sunday. Your post did serve to remind me that after I’m done with my current job, I never ever want a proper job ever again, or any job in which the application process is hideously & uselessly complex. Good luck with the job hunting.


  10. Must admit – just having completed my 2nd Friday back at work after all those months – I do love that feeling of it being the weekend pretty much from Friday morning and looking forwards to that first glass of ice-cold cava or red wine when I get home as it’s not a ‘school night’. Not too sure about the fact that the ‘dangled carrot’ of after-work Friday acohol being the thing that keeps me sane as the week progresses is a good thing though, but it sure tastes good! LOL :)

    Good luck with the application – keep us posted!



  11. Oh dear, I meant to get to commenting on FRIDAY, which would have allowed me to say, enjoy your weekend, friend! But, alas, the weekend is now over. So, instead, I wish you all the best of luck on your job search (and easy relief of the carpel tunnel syndrome sure to be an issue with many more applications processes like the last one!)
    Love the pics (including the new banner!)
    Always a pleasure :)


    • It’s never over until it is over. And it isn’t, so thank you.

      Nah, I filled in the ten pages by hand! Plus two. So twelve. CTS was minimal. And the amount of blog posts I do I would have had it by now.

      To be very serious, when I did have problems with my right arm, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, knee (a dog incident), starting to use the keyboard again actually brought back the dexterity.

      Two new banners/headers. One every month for the main blog, but now using wordpress ‘featured’ photo for every post which gives each post a distinctive photo when you click on it. Genki I think!


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