Not remotely wordy Wednesday

Always good to be an early bird and get the worm – unless it is in a bottle of Mezcal of course.

In our case, it meant we nabbed the geocache at Europa Point, which was beautifully tranquil on a nice cloudy day.

Views of Morocco and Spain.



Next we went through the Dudley Ward Tunnel and along past the old water catchments, Both Worlds, and Caleta.

In Ye Olden Days, Gib used to have water catchments along the eastern side of the Rock, virtually covering most of the face, but they have since been removed and our water now comes via a desalination plant.

Location of the old water catchments

Both Worlds is a strange place that looks like white-painted tin sheds/portacabins. Apparently it was originally built as an aparthotel but like many other proposed buildings for tourist accommodation in Gib, it is now private residences.

(best of?) Both Worlds

One side is for over 50s, and the other for anyone. It is right on the beach, and at the end of the bus route. And that probably says it all. It is about as far away from Gib centre as you can get (apart from Europa). But the other problem, is that facing east, while it gets the lovely morning sun, when the sun heads around to the west, it is sadly bereft of sunshine.

Next along, we have Caleta, and the Caleta Palace Hotel, an AA four star rated job. Looks a bit like a 70s UK seaside resort hotel. Perhaps it was built in the 70s. Interestingly it seems to get pretty good reviews, its only problem again being the location. The buses stop at 9pm, and it is a bit of a hike if you want go out on the town and then walk back.

The Caleta Palace Hotel

There are also some rather upmarket little houses along the Caleta road but we sped past too quickly in the trusty Landy, so no pix of those today.

And then you get to the MOT station, the memorial to Sikorski which you all saw on the last post, and Eastern beach.

There is very little on the eastern side of Gib. Which rather adds to its attraction.

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8 comments on “Not remotely wordy Wednesday

  1. Lovely field trip for me this morning.. I love how the rocky walls are right next to the road..It fels like a cozy town to me..

    great pictures:-)


  2. Come now, “a bit of a hike?” Surely unless you are doing the rock run nowhere in Gib is that far away :-D Another question. Windmill flats. This used to be a small training area overlooking Europa point, is that still there or have they built on that yet? I seem to remember that it was home to a small colony of Barbary partridges which a bit of a fuss was made about at the time.


    • Relatively speaking anywhere that’s more than five minutes walk away in Gib can be regarded as a hike :D

      And for tourists, I doubt they would want to traipse down Devil’s Tower Road and then up the eastern side to Caleta.

      windmill flats, as far as I know or at least since I last looked, hasn’t anything built on there. Didn’t know about the partridges, thought they lived further up the rock. There is an obnoxious building called Clifton Heights however that has gone up slightly further up that area and is truly a blot. Can’t find my pix so it will be easier to take some new.


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