Some people celebrate new life this weekend. I don’t. I’m not religious.

I’d like to celebrate it every day.

But here is Amparanoia, (Ampara Sanchez), with her superb rendition of La vida te da.

There’s no real translation in English, but ‘life gives to you’ will do.

Brilliant Andalucían singer and musician.

But I also like this video because it shows older women with their elegant and gracious dancing with their hands. How clever they are, and how much a part of this dance they are. Age doesn’t matter here.

I like the silhouettes.

Above all, I love the exuberance and happiness.

And the trumpets, forgot that one, but they are brilliant.


17 comments on “Life

    • Thank you. I was listening to something else, and A reminded me of her and asked me to play her. So I thought I would share to celebrate the enthusiasm and the words. I love the fact that older women are dancing in there too, it’s an all ages vid :)


  1. Indeed..celebrate and embrace life everyday..
    Wonderful video ..thank you for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!!!


  2. Nice to meet another non religious person. Easter to me means I get 4 days of The Other Half’s attention to house repairs that I can’t manage myself. I started preparing the list 2 weeks ago. Poor baby. Of course he gets time off for bloody football as well which is in full swing at the moment…Tigers are dead in the water this year, they were supposed to be favourites to win :(

    Love the vid. Spanish used to be my favourite language to listen to. These days it’s Portuguese. Have a great one x


    • A double co-incidence (religionless and chores). Partner started washing down the walls and I started a mega-clean. Much easier having someone around to laugh at you.

      Your Portuguese is pretty good, I can read what you write, but I’ve not kept up to mine. Should look up some portugues music although fado is a bit too sad for me.


  3. Is it about life today (ok, yesterday, for members of the heavy armoured pedantry division). A good friend of mine’s 5 yr old daughter summed it up nicely:

    “Is it called Happy Friday (sic) because they killed Jesus who was the bad man”


    • That’s all a bit thinking! As my partner said, was Jesus the bad man because he was going against the establishment? He probably wasn’t bad (depending what and if anything you believe about him) but it was what came later that was. He would probably be turning on his cross/in his grave/in the Rock of Gethsemane if he could see what was done in his name :(


  4. beautiful music – and i agree with your sentiment, too. am also non-religious, and think life is for celebrating every day (and i do!) :)
    further to your comment in reply to Blu, i also have discovered that Jesus was one of the most non-religous people who ever walked the face of this planet, and this is what caused so much offence to the status quo of his day – and maybe even today. oops, sorry – not my blog :D


    • Thanks for your comment(s) re the musical links.

      It’s all in the way it is written/portrayed/propagandaed/interpreted etc etc isn’t it? Doesn’t matter whether you are talking religion, politics, or whatever, there are always so many conflicting points of view and it is easy to make two opposing ones out of something quite simple. Sorry, getting too philosophical in the comments here. That’s why I was so pleased to find those statistics from the UN for IWD. I didn’t to put my slant on it (although I could, of course :D)


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