Working holiday part 2

Well the Easter Bunny didn’t bring us any choccy eggs which is just as well because we wouldn’t have eaten them.

But we did get a rather nice freebie just before the holiday which will come in most useful.

Doing a refurb always involves getting rid of stuff. The firm Partner is working for at the moment ripped out a kitchen. Did anyone want this granite? A breakfast bar, a corner piece and a long piece with a sink cut-out.

‘That will do nicely for your finca won’t it?’ said one colleague. Hey, we don’t even have to put up our hand and ask. Everyone knows we are tight-arsed into the environment and recycling.

Partner agreed. So instead of being taken to the tip and chucked out, it got put in our truck to take back to Spain.

And as luck would have it, when we arrived, one of our neighbours, his son and his son’s mate were outside. Quick as a flash they were commandeered to unload, the two young lads picking up the huge piece as though it was cotton wool.

‘That’s for jovenes,’ [young people] said our neighbour sagely as he and Partner took the two smaller pieces. Offers of tinnies of beers were refused so we’ll find another way to pay back.

So after ten years of washing up in a plastic bowl on top of a Black and Decker workmate, and throwing the water over the wall, I may get a sink. But hell, there is no rush after all this time. And I need to design and measure up first. That could take a while.

On the road back to Gib we saw this rather neat car flying past us.

‘Aston Martin, DB4’ said Partner. (He likes Aston Martins although not as much as Land Rovers).

Flying too fast to take a photo but we spotted it again in the frontier queue. They must have taken the scenic route after they flew past us.

‘No, I think I’m wrong,’ said Partner sadly. ‘The front end doesn’t look right.’

Any views dear car experts?

Having been to more than enough shops for one day (previous post), we rejected the idea of Morrisons, and I decided I could rustle something up with what little we had in. [tempeh and tofu with a couple of dipping sauces for those of you who are interested – the sauces are probably worth a post at some point]

So we got in, unpacked, and then took an evening walk on Easter Monday with the dog.

Gib wasn’t exactly busy. Just how we like it.

Looking down Main Street (north)

Looking up Main Street (south, obviously)

Looking up the Rock from Referendum Gates

Once through the gates, looking up from Trafalgar Cemetary with the cable car and Trafalgar Heights building on the right of the pic – Trafalgar Heights has a marked resemblance to the leaning tower of Pisa for some strange reason

And down to Queensway Quay marina with the boat masts just visible through the entrance

A lovely ending to a great long weekend.

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32 comments on “Working holiday part 2

  1. Sweet freebie…I had granite countertops in my last home and I miss them..Lovely to look at and clean up so easy..
    The pictures are wonderful..Thanks for sharing part of your holiday with us all!!!


  2. Good question about the car, hard to tell from the little one can see in the pic, but I’d guess at an early Porsche, precursor to the 911. What does partner think ?


        • Thanks very much for that. Had to rescue it from the spam basket as I have it set to no links!! But I always check so no worries there :) It does look pretty similar. Good find there :) There is a Classic Car Club here so might nip down to the local newsagent who is a member and ask if he knows who or what it is. (Translates as – will send partner).

          Did you read the text on that site? It was bizarre. There was something about ‘the owners of the dog’ and I wondered if it was some weird translation of ‘the dogs bollocks!!’


          • Interestingly enough, this might not have been a classic car at all, but a PGO (small french car manufacturer) Cevennes, which is modelled on the design of the Porsche 356.

            One reason for saying this is that Bassadone Motors (Gib) has both a new one and a 2nd hand one for sale, the latter being grey in colour with red leather interior, and a snip at £23,995 !!


  3. Those are enormous chunks of granite, look forward to the ‘finished kitchen’ images :-)
    I think your Leaning tower of Trafalgar Heights is prob caused by something called converging verticles, it is a common problem when photographing buildings caused by the position the photo is taken from.


      • No, not at all, it is a very common prob. It is caused by being too close to a building so the camera is pointed upwards. There is some very expensive attachment that can be fitted between the body & lens is an SLR camera to counteract this, prob used by professional building photographers. I think corrections are prob done in photoshop now though.
        I should have added I love the street shots, you’ve got me walking down them :-)


        • I am totally in awe of your photographic knowledge. It is one of those things I always meant to do and never did. Not sure if they do C&G in photog in Gib!

          Of course, on that shot, I wasn’t actually taking TH, I was looking up to the Rock as you correctly surmised. I could have cropped it out but a) I quite liked the angle and b) I wanted the cable car in too.

          As you know, I’m not really into messing about with photos :D A bit of added saturation occasionally and the © does me. I like things to be as they are. Except they aren’t are they? Because Trafalgar Heights most definitely does not lean like that!

          Aren’t the streets quiet? amazing for a bank holiday. A is on the second shot, crossing the road with Pippa who is off camera, but I have plenty of him for his blog. This is not a dogblog!


  4. what a cool freebie! your patience of dealing without a sink that long is admirable – and yet all things are relative.
    i ended up spending a couple of weeks on a farm somewhere in Ireland – and I think it was Ireland as opposed to Northern Ireland, although I was in both places that summer – and it was a small cottage without electricity the first night (that was provided from day two onwards), and no flush toilets. i cannot remember how many of us there were, but we savoured the adventure and enjoyed a beautiful place. unfortunately BDC (before digital cameras).
    i should also mention – there was no running water. this was provided in milk cans for our use – and the water was for brushing our teeth, washing ourselves, our veggies for cooking and for washing dishes, although not all in that order, and not every drop of water was used for each function :) the sink was an orange-coloured plastic bowl. and it worked fine.
    but ten years. wow, i don’t think i could put up with it that long :)


      • It is a pretty place. After growing up in a fairly dour neighbourhood I think I have consciously tried to live somewhere ‘nice’. I mean, why not try and choose a beautiful place to live? It’s where we spend most of our life. I would always rather live in a small home in a beautiful place than a mansion in an uninspiring area.


    • Actually I don’t do that much of the washing up so it’s hardly been a problem for me – and our bowl and cold water tap only are complemented by the dishwasher. I forgot to mention that one!!


      • Did I mention that we also have a sink in the patio? Which is where the dishwasher is located. And we have one in the little house (which is never used – the sink that is, the little house is used as a store at the moment!). They are all cold water only though. Except in summer the cold water is warm :D


  5. Slabs of granite. Nice. Constructions sites are great for freebies… & we’ve amassed quite a array of stuff thnx to the G.O., which brings me to the topic of kitchen sinks. It tooks us 6+ years to replace the yacht sink replica in our kitchen and accumulated 6 freebie sinks in that time which weren’t quite right. We’re always trying to find them homes :)


    • Partner does that. He acquired a stainless steel sink and was told to unacquire it. I only like ceramic. My mother changed a perfectly good sink (no idea what it was mind) back in the 60s (?) for a stainless steel one – which rusted!! I’ve never liked them since then.

      Apparently there is rumoured to be a belfast/butler’s sink kicking around the site :) I think it is full of earth, but hey, what’s a bit of muck to wash out?


  6. We used to have a saying, “What ever you are looking for, someone is throwing it away at this very instant.” Always seems to be true. Just love recycling stuff. The granite is such a find. When I was little we went to the farm most every weekend: water from a well, and outdoor facilities – you manage -(and really learn to appreciate things!)


    • Interesting saying. I don’t think I am consciously looking, so more a case of Everything comes to her who waits (as said above). I can be quite patient. I dislike waste. It’s nice to buy new and exactly what you want, but seeing something serviceable get thrown out increasingly gets up my retrousse nose. More people should visit your type of farm at the weekend.


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