The rain in Spain …..

… hasn’t happened very much this winter at all in my part of Spain, and we are all moaning about how much we need the water.

A rare sight - a wet table
Rose in the rain

Normally the winter months ie Jan to March do see some decent rainfall, with snow on the mountains, but this year there has been muy poco (very little).

Naturally, on Saturday morning in Gibraltar, with a sulking tumble dryer, we awoke to hear the sound of rain on the window. Quite heavy. ‘Quickly,’ I ordered, from the comfort of my thermarest, ‘Get the washing in.’ Which he did.

Hey, he’d got up to make coffee, might as well make himself useful while I grabbed a few more minutes snooze time.

He’d done it remarkably quickly, so I draped it all around the flat, and hoped it would be dry on our return.

The journey up to Spain was cloudy, but no torrential downpours.

And then, it started spotting. As we approached our normal dogwalking stop by the beach, it was bucketing down. The dog doesn’t like the rain so we by-passed that one.

I jumped out elsewhere to take a few piccies.

Boats on the beach - not going anywhere

We arrived home, jumped out, ran inside. We opened the door to watch the rain and the dog promptly ran outside!! He came back inside equally promptly. Silly dog.

It didn’t last long however, and today dawned bright and sunny although with a cold wind.

Just as I was getting brunch ready, José called me.

My heart sank. We were having some left over bean slop for breakfast and some tempeh sandwiches.

He proffered a plate of sweet Spanish cakey things that they eat at Easter. Adelina had got two glasses ready for us to get rat-arsed on anis while getting sugar-overdosed on the cakey things. Roscas de Pascua.


I explained we were coming back to Gib so we couldn’t drink while driving and we were about to eat and ….

Their little faces fell. Partner came out and saved the day by picking up one of the cakes and shovelling it in. I caved in and said I would have a glass of anis after all (passenger me so no worries there). They looked much happier.

There was a long chat about how they hadn’t seen us over Easter to offer us these goodies, and we were often gone too soon.

We sighed in sympathy and pointed out that we did have to go to work (well, Partner does), and there ain’t much of that in España right now.

From there we discussed world politics as you do, which as usual included Gib’s status and the Spanish claim, and Argentina sabre-rattling about the Falklands. I did notice some weeks ago that the first motion on the agenda for the new Argentine parliament was about Las Malvinas. (Spanish for Falkland Islands). I do think President Kirchner should back off with her bellicose bollocks, or perhaps she thinks she is the new Margaret Thatcher?

However, we managed to avoid falling out with our neighbours, and in the midst of these political hot topics, Adelina was busy saying how she had made the roscas. This was probably because after so many years of living next to us, they know exactly what we eat and don’t eat. So many bought Spanish sweet things are full of lard. I still left the roscas alone, and we agreed to take the rest of them back with us as Partner’s compañeros will no doubt appreciate them tomorrow. Or maybe not.

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34 comments on “The rain in Spain …..

  1. There is nothing better than to be in a warm home while you can see the cold rain drops patter on your window! couple it with some hot chocolate and spicy treats, it would be even more perfect!


  2. I like the raindrops on the rose :-) looks like the rain we’ve had recently has moved your way, 2 dry days for us here, sunny but cold.
    Poor Pippa, another rain hater then, does he screw his eyes up like J?
    The roscas look delicious, are they like doughnuts?
    Hmmm, anis? I got rather rat arsed on than in France once.


    • I’ve added the rose to the main post now underneath the table, easier to inspect the droplets rather than stopping the slideshow ;)
      No I don’t think he does, but I so felt for Jasp in that wet pic, he looked totally fed up. Pippa has more of a long-suffering martyrish look :D
      I don’t think they are like doughnuts, well they arent batter, they are cakey. Just the hole that makes them look doughnutty. But as I didn’t eat one..
      I only had a small glass. Normally they stick the bottle on the wall for us to drink as much as poss but ‘cos Adrian wouldn’t have any, it wasn’t the same drunken episode!


  3. Roscas are doughnuts in Mexican Spanish; looks like they are about the same in Castellano. Delish, of course, but oh, so fattening. Glad you’re getting a little rain; poor Spain so often does without it. We in Belgium get enough for the whole continent, I think. But it’s okay — the verdant fields outside my windows are the payoff. Feliz semana — ¡me voy a la cama!


    • I’m guessing the name comes from the shape as a) they weren’t fried b) there was no yeast c) they were definitely cakey! Andalucían Spanish isn’t quite castellano. Not its own language like Catalan, but a different accent and different words. A lot of similarities with Latin American Spanish.

      Hope you slept well, and you have a great week too :)


  4. Sounds like you got the rain this weekend. It has been quite sunny at this end.
    Am on the road so will have to check out your rainy rose on my laptop later. But those Roscas look yummy! :)


      • oh, well, at least you got the great click :)
        am back to check out the rainy rose before i sign off today – and it does look great. rain simply adds something to an image!
        have a good night, er a good day!


        • I need to fall back to bed for a quick nap too! Thanks. I think roses look better when they are in bud – although, having said that, I have taken quite a few full bloom ones as well! I’ll put up an old link later. When you wake up :D


  5. Another topical post :) Neighbours, their offerings & opinions can be interesting… I try not to accept, or if I feel I have to accept, try not to eat offerings from our RHS neighbours in the country because whatever, however they cook often “disagrees” with us. Their opinions are equivalently disagreeable to me usually as well. I hope the Gib rain isn’t “catching” as we’re looking forward to another break & sunshine hopefully.


    • We are lucky with ours. And we took the decision when we were first offered stuff to explain in great detail about what we would and wouldn’t eat. Luckily we get on well enough with them to be able to disagree. It’s an odd relationship, they are friends, neighbours, and old enough to be our parents, but don’t treat us like children. Having said that, they don’t talk down to their own children either.

      There wasn’t much rain. A dry week is forecast with rain ‘maybe’ on one day, so hopefully you will catch some of our warm sunshine instead. Is this a long weekend for Anzac Day??


  6. I understand that Vicky has a load of rain water, her water authority are thinking of selling some of their surplus, perhaps you could put in a bid and become a water tycoon re-selling at a vast profit!

    The Roscas look like doughnuts which someone told me can take more than a month to digest! Ahh anis, a touring French rugby team, many years ago, arrived at my club with two coaches, one for the players and one for the pernod. I don’t remember much after the game.


  7. Here in Florida we get afternoon showers almost every day in the summer..One would think it would cool things off, but with high humidity all it does is make a steam bath..
    Now those sugary things do look kind of good just too many calories I’m sure.
    (I’m you also have a home in Spain?)


    • Yes. The Spanish one came first. I had ‘living in Spain and Gib’ as a strapline on the previous blog, but never bothered renewing it. Perhaps I should!
      The roscas were demolished at the building site yesterday by Partner’s compañeros, as predicted.
      Amazing getting rain in the summer. I think we got a shower once in June and it was like some sort of miraculous happening. Otherwise it is hot and dry in Spain, slightly less hot and more humid in Gib – but still no showers.


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