Bank holiday rainy days

Gibraltar may be a few thousand kilometres away from the UK but we managed a suitably traditional long damp weekend holiday.

What a dutiful British Overseas Territory we are.


Although, somewhat differently, we commemorated Workers’ Memorial Day on April 28 with a public holiday on May 30, followed by another holiday on May 1 – Labour Day/International Workers’ Day – hence our long weekend a week ahead of the UK.

I like holidays that are actually celebrated on the day and not bumped forwards or backwards to the nearest Monday.

Regardless of which, it was wet. I took the rare opportunity to take wet photos. And caught a cold. Literally. I am sure the two are not connected as I was wearing my leaking Goretex.

Rainy day faces

Ironically and unintentionally this post continues the theme of the last one….

Unite the Union Gibraltar Branch renew our commitment to, and demand once more, safe and healthy work for all.

Society no-longer finds drink-driving or domestic violence acceptable. It is time for work-related ill-health, injury, and death to also become unacceptable rather than a tragic but accepted part of the world of work.

Unite the Union Gibraltar Branch has declared 28 April 2012 a Day of Action to Defend health and safety. Unite the Union Gibraltar since 2008 have held Workers Memorial Day events and have finally influenced the Gibraltar Government to recognise Workers Memorial Day.
Every year we make clear the link between deaths and illness caused by work: most workers do not die of mystery ailments, or in tragic ‘accidents’. But because an employer decided their safety or health wasn’t that important a priority.
Unlike those dying in war or major incidents, they are not publicly remembered yet over 2.3 million people are killed by work worldwide each year – more than by wars or AIDS

Can you believe that? What appalling statistics. So, meanwhile as I was saying on the other post about trainees wearing safety gear on site…..

But moving swiftly on, our Chief Minister was busy unveiling a plaque on Workers’ Memorial Day, and sending out an inspiring message to Gibraltarians:

It is now also the GSLP, with our Liberal partners, who are introducing Workers Memorial Day as an annual bank holiday. As the grandson of a man who died in an industrial accident, it has been hugely satisfactory for me to introduce this commemorative holiday as a long weekend at the end of April. I recognise the work of Unite (in particular Gilbert McCarthy and Christian Duo) in raising the profile of this day.

Workers die around the world everyday whilst they labour to earn a living. Just last year a man lost his life working in Gibraltar.

We can therefore never be too careful when it comes to the protection of life in the workplace. That is why I adopt the phrase “remember the dead and fight for the living” which Unite is promoting as part of the events of 28th April co-sponsored by the Government and to which people from across the Community and across the political divide have been invited.

I have heard criticism of the fact that we are declaring a bank holiday to commemorate those who have died at work. Surprisingly, no-one criticised bank holidays given to celebrate royal weddings or winning court cases later lost on appeal. This day is much more poignant, enduring and relevant and I am hugely proud to have been able to declare it a holiday.

Finally, if you are going to take advantage of the fact that this year will be an extra long holiday weekend to go away – wherever you are, spare a thought for the events and sacrifices that give rise to these holidays. Enjoy –but do not forget.

While I may sound sarcastic, I am not. I think those are very valid sentiments, and my sympathies go out to the Chief Minister’s family and everyone else who who knows someone, whether family, or friend, who died at work or through a work-related disease.

I hope Unite’s calls for action are heard and implemented. There is more to workers’ rights than unveiling a plaque, fine words and a public holiday. Hopefully this government will be able to strengthen health and safety for those who work in Gibraltar.

Maybe even clamp down on that odd bit of illegal working that goes on? Cross-border workers trying to earn a pittance. No cover. Risking their lives. And sadly, so are the employers who knowingly take them on as illegal employees.

Unite the Union Gibraltar Branch is calling for:
1.        No reduction in the legal protection for workers and the Gibraltarian community on health and safety.   
2.        Those who create risk must be held accountable. 
3.        No freedom from inspections and an increase in inspector number. 
4.        Recognition and support for the role that union safety representatives play. 
5.        More action to prevent occupational diseases. 

Meanwhile some more damp pics from my sick bed and the obligatory slideshow.

Just looking for worms?

An empty and wet Line Wall Road

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


31 comments on “Bank holiday rainy days

  1. The black and white house looks like one fairly close to where I live, and just as damp. I agree the sentiments expressed may be valid but will the chief minister follow through with practical assistance? In the light of the scaffolding post highly unlikely I think.
    The hibiscus are lovely as is little blackie! ;)


  2. That Unite press release also read like it had considerable room for improvement, and guess what, I know just the woman to do it :)

    On our bank holiday on May 7th we plan to out do Gibraltar, not only will it be wet, it’ll be cold too.

    Pity someone doesn’t send the press release you posted previously to the Chief Minister, and ask him how it supports the fine speech he made on the 28th.

    Oh yes, hope you feel better soon.


    • Yes, it was an interesting read was it not? (I always use interesting when I feel like being exceedingly scathing and critical).
      I look forward to hearing about your weather then.
      I did think the juxtaposition of the two posts, or rather the sequence of them was quite strange, and not very good PR for the govt. Still as they haven’t employed me that’s not my job, mine is to report on what they say and comment :)

      I think I’m snuffling and sneezing less, and the Anadin headache has relaxed it’s tight grip, so your good wishes must have worked, thanks.


      • Weather as promised. Well at just before midday on bank holiday Monday its raining in London and 10 deg C. In Scotland, its snowing over higher ground and nearer to freezing.

        Saturday and Sunday very much the same, certainly in London. Very poor start to May after the wettest April ever.


        • You may not be surprised to hear it is blue skies and sunshine here. We did have some rain in Spain on Sat though, a post to follow. I guess the difference here is that the colder/wetter weather never stays around for long.


    • Indeed I did, it must have been – you know what’s coming now – Vicky’s Water Company and the Rain Dance that did it. It wasn’t that warm. In Gib terms. We’re meant to get a few more showers, but glorious out today with brilliant blue sky. May drag my idle self out into it at some point. And avoid the pile of papers and layers of dust and ironing and …..

      Yes, the drops were quite nice, thank you.


    • Thank you, and I think I am feeling a little better. I am at least starting to look at the computer again so that is a start. I think you have articulated what I felt and hadn’t explored – the meaning of the day. Nicely spotted.

      Glad to provide a chuckle. We’re not one of those revolting sort of colonies you know ;)


  3. Rainy days do seem to go with public holidays. We had a few (both) ourselves.
    Also, I nominated you for the ABC (Awesome Blog Content) Award. I was moved to do so because I am delighted whenever I see an email from you in my in-box. You can read about the award at .
    Accepting awards to enable you to nominate other worthy recipients isn’t for the faint hearted or time poor, so please accept if you choose and there’s no timeframe on responding, or obligation to do so if it’s not right for you.
    Best wishes,


    • But still, there is something nice about listening to the rain and watching everything green up again. Ah. That’s not very tactful seeing as you discovered too much green inside and out at your visit after the last summer. Guess I’m speaking from a not quite so raining perspective.

      Thank you very much for that, particular your nice comment about the email notification of one of my blog posts. It’s always nice to receive compliments about your blog, and however much I deny I am interested in awards, receiving an award from a blogger who I admire is a nice feeling.


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