For fuck’s sake

I am sick of this.

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I want a flask that I can not buy here. What a crock of shite.

Piss off Amazon. Big time.


35 comments on “For fuck’s sake

  1. I ran into this once as well, couldn’t send a book published in the UK to a friend in Germany – as if it had been banned there!
    I think the internet needs an internationally applicable legal regulation that every company or individual who sells anything on a website must post an electronic contact address and a postal address where complaints and other communications regarding sales can be sent. It’s to be expected that things will sometimes go awry on such an enormous system, but what really burns is the feeling that you’ve been gagged because edreams or what have you lives in an inaccessible godly cyberspace where the only thing that can penetrate is money.


      • That was possibly too blunt (?) but reflected my indignation at the bizarre postal service. I can get something sent to Spain but not to Gib? Er what’s the difference? This is just truly out of this intersphereal world. Ojala for the days when I could go down the road and just buy the god damn flask.


    • I think in this day and age they should have a “Skype Me” button on their website, then anyone with Skype can phone them for free anywhere in the world and sort the problem out; and anyone without Skype can download it.


      • Well that is far too good an idea to be implemented. Why else would they have email contacts? Because they actually don’t want to sort anything out. And judging by the replies from the morons who send emails I dread to think what the skype calls would be like.


  2. Right, now you’re going to have to send it to someone who can send it to you….or get an PO Box in Spain.(or I understand some are just going back to their roots and using goat flasks?). Banned because of trade agreements?(big business + politics)…or is it a terroristic item? (you are safer!)
    The internet doesn’t need a regulator – but companies should list where the items cannot be shipped ( they do in the US this with products CA doesn’t want in their state…Ok a few other states also have regulations…you can’t ship yourself a bottle of wine from CA to TX because of big business lobbyists)
    Sorry about your pain though…equal annoyance world wide!


  3. Love the post title.. and have to laugh at what Vicky (above me) said.. sorry, i know it’s a pisser..


  4. I love the post title also… got my attention straight away, and I have to confess used on occasion by me. The comments were almost as entertaining as the post… You read my Mercury Retrograde post so you know I know how you feel. The EBay supplier of one of my missing items after offering me every variety of tshirt under the sun to replace the one I bought for the G.O. that didn’t turn up eventually refunded my $$$ after explanations of: missing items usually find their way back to him; the postage service has been erratic; and his delivery lad has been making off with the orders. Fair enough except for when I was trawling the ‘net for a replacement he still has listed the exact XL Tshirt I bought but didn’t get and he said he couldn’t replace. Guess I was lucky to get the refund. I found another on a French tshirt site, with astonomical postage. I hope it gets here.


    • I don’t like internet shopping at the best of times. I loathe fleabay and don’t even look at it. The only firms I like using are the ones I used back in the days of mail order when you could get a sensible response out of a sensible person. These days you email a query and you get a reply a week later that doesn’t even answer the question. I really just want to walk down the street and buy a flask. But preferably the one I want as above.

      Fingers crossed for the T-shirt and I expect a pic on EllaDeeImages when it arrives!


  5. My feelings exactly. But my FFS goes towards our government, society and humanity in general, idiotic politicians and their followers, big Phama and their bedfellows western medicine, the FDA, USDA, Monsanto and big Ag to name a few. A great piece. Wanted to tell you that I have always enjoyed your blogs and want to respond to all of your articles but never do for some unknown reason. It may be that I am not that social or that blogging is no longer my preferred method of Internet communication. More about all that in the near future in my most likely final WP posting. Keep up the good work.


    • My FFS goes towards all the ones you mentioned too, it just happened to be Amazon that got the blasting that evening.

      I doubt you are less social than me (we have discussed this one before!) but I am sorry if you no longer wish to blog. I’ll miss your posts – and you too of course. Let me know where you disappear off to.


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