Gibraltar – proud to be British

The bunting has been up for a while, red, white and blue. Normally it is red and white – the Gib colours. But this weekend is a British celebration, and Gibraltar is British.

Flags have been increasing day by day, the union flag, the Gib one, and my favourite, the Gib one superimposed on the union flag. Couldn’t find one when I looked in the local souvenir shops the other day.

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo is in London for the long weekend representing Gib.

Joe Bossano is in Ecuador for a UN conference. The following is from a Chron article:

Government minister Joe Bossano yesterday took delegates at the UN C24 decolonisation seminar in Quito, Ecuador back to 711 to illustrate a common thread in history leading to “independence from Spain”, in Gibraltar case with the arrival of the British in 1704.

And in a dramatic turn to illustrate the way in which politics was conducted in the 16th century, Mr Bossano said that thirty-two years after first becoming part of Spain with Queen Isabella taking it from the Duke of Medina Sidonia Gibraltar had, in 1534, “formed part of the state who sent Pizzaro to massacre the Incas in Quito.”

But he said that sovereignty in Europe today is not what it was in the 16th century, though Spain, he argued, has not understood this.

In 1704 he said “Gibraltar had gained its independence from Spain after 202 years under Spanish sovereignty.

In his address, also pre-recorded on a YouTube clip posted at the GSLP website, Mr Bossano defended self-determination and said that the UN had to defend the people under colonial rule and not be manipulated by member states in territorial disputes.

Referring to the decolonisation list of which Gibraltar is one of 16 territories Mr Bossano said that the continued existence of the list is the reason for the seminar.

“The meeting is to assist the people to fulfil the charter requirement to exercise self-determination,” he said.

Mr Bossano pointed out that the committee has been studying case of Gibraltar’s decolonisation for 58 years and said he himself had been involved in that campaign for that time.

He also said that privately many agreed that Gibraltar’s case unassailable but Spain had astutely manipulated circumstances.

“The present Spanish Government will no more succeed in its attempts to conquer Gibraltar than any of its predecessors have done in the last 58 years. No matter what alliances it makes with others,” said Mr Bossano.

It is, he said, the freely and democratically expressed wishes of the colonial people that count as far as the UN Charter is concerned.

Spain, said Mr Bossano, had been flagrantly in breach of the Charter for decades and did not want the C24 to know what Gibraltar itself wants.

Mr Bossano urged the C24 members to assist in the achievement of decolonisation and urged them to remember the C24 is the guardian of colonial people. The process, he emphasised to them is one of assisting the people from colonial rule to self-rule.

Go Joe! I love the way he doesn’t mince his words.

Speaking of Spain, I see that Sofia did go to visit Liz. But in a private capacity. What a load of hypocrites.

Anyways, apparently there is a street party today. So best wander out and see what is going on.

I may even get to see Rhona the Rhino, who is apparently being pulled down Main Street to raise funds for Africa.

WTF is a rhino doing in Main Street? She deserves to be in Africa, not part of some crazy stunt.

And on crazies, a customs car was vandalised the other day and customs officers were pelted with stones when they stopped a couple of Spaniards with 81,000 cigarettes.

Workers on JBS are on overtime over this holiday weekend putting up razor wire at the airport to stop people escaping over the frontier with their contraband. No street party for them.


18 comments on “Gibraltar – proud to be British

  1. How lovely to see all those flags flying, even though there’s a couple of union flag upside down (one of my pet hates).
    Certainly a better display than we have locally, though I can’t speak for the town in general, as I haven’t been into the centre for a while.
    Now the Silver Jubilee was a different thing totally, massive street party, with the local fields full of bunting and for the children to play in, sadly the fields are now full of houses :-(


      • Not a problem here. And although we aren’t royalist, we figured it was important to turn out and support the ‘event’. Nothing worse than planning something and getting no support :(


    • Yes, the neighbours were planning an informal sort of BBQ, burgers and beer, but we thought better of it, nothing worse than soggy buns and beer diluted with rain water.

      Not sure the Guardia Civil would have been too impressed with all those pageant boats processing round the coast of Gib !!


      • Think the flotilla is tomorrow, hope so, as that’s when we’re planning to watch it! We did think the same as you, lots of boats and tooting and bells and parp parping toadishly just to annoy Spain :D [Note to self, put camera batteries on to charge]


  2. I’m envious. If Sydney apartment dwellers were to fly flags, or God forbid hang washing from balconies it would be war – monarchists, loyalists, royalists against executive committees, strata managers. Love the juxtaposition of flags & washing.


    • We can’t hang anything out of our front window :( although I reckon we could get away with a flag as our leaseholder is a royalist :D

      I looked at the washing twice, and then like you, liked them hung together!


  3. I think I understand your idea, your feeling of pride for being British. Only I view the secret visit from SM Doña Sofía to Queen Elizabeth not as a clandestinian act but as a gesture of good will. Regards, roughseainthemed!


    • That’s a very fair point, and after all, they are all family.

      I think having to do what politicians say is sad though. Sofia can’t visit as an official representative of Spain, but can go in her own right. That is the hypocrisy.

      Spaniards are similary proud of their nationality, and rightly so. We all have similar points of view – just from different sides of the water….. or the frontier…


  4. Rhona the Rhino? (sounds more fun than razor wire and cigarette wars)
    We watched the end of the boat parade and saw some of the neighborhood street dinner parties yesterday – loved all the tiaras and banners and flags. I don’t care if it was rainy – I would have liked to have been there. Go Queen!


    • Not seen any UK parties (no TV) so apart from the rain, I’ve no idea what’s happening. No tiaras here that I noticed, but lots of dressing in red, white and blue. I’ll post some pics today.


  5. I’ve been reading a bit on your celebration.. I do hope you were able to get out today and celebrate!!!


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